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Traditional gazebos have been fixtures in gardens for centuries, the existence of garden gazebos has been traced back to the earliest gardens. Wooden garden gazebos are now one of the most prevalent outdoor garden structures in the world.
By design and definition, a gazebo is a `gazing room`, an isolated outdoor structure intended to offer panoramic views of the surrounding garden landscape.
It is meant to serve as a haven, a quiet place in which to take a moment to catch ones breath and relax or contemplate as the busy world continues outside. The development of thatched roofs dates back to prehistoric times, when early man started to build a basic roof, shelter, hut or canopy to shade and protect themselves from the elements. With its African charm, our range of thatched gazebos and canopies are not only elegant and very attractive in appearance, but also offer a cool and peaceful aura which will enhance any landscape, garden, patio or recreational area. The uses for our garden gazebos and outdoor canopies are endless: relaxed get-togethers, entertaining a party of family and friends, summer barbeques (whatever the weather!), outdoor dining rooms, unwinding after a hectic day at work, housing a hot tub or spa on your patio, sitting, reading or simply watching the garden wildlife or the world go by. Our wooden gazebos and outdoor structures have even been installed at hotels for outdoor wedding venues. Our exclusive range of African thatched spa and hot tub gazebos come in many different shapes and styles, manufactured specifically to accommodate either a small or large hot tub or spa.
Our African thatch gazebos create a stunning focal point for either a contemporary or traditional design garden. South African cape reed thatch is not only elegant and attractive in appearance, but is also durable and has a very long life span. African cape reed thatch is primarily recognised as being one of the most beautiful roofing materials available in the world today.
This African thatch has been used by people for hundreds of years on literally millions of buildings and wooden structures throughout Africa and the rest of the world.
Cape reed thatch tiles with their African charm, are not only elegant and attractive, but are very durable and have a long life span. All our African thatched gazebos and canopies are heavy duty structures designed with style, longevity and quality in mind. You do not need to be a builder, joiner, carpenter or DIY enthusiast to assemble one of our heavy duty wooden thatched canopy kits or gazebo kits. We have been designing and manufacturing thatched wooden garden gazebos and wooden thatch canopy structures for many years and have gained a reputation for our quality, service and professionalism. We have shipped our luxury wooden gazebos and thatched wood canopies to virtually all postcodes in the UK and most different countries in Europe.
We endeavour to manufacture and deliver all gazebo order to site all orders within 2-3 weeks at your convenience.
You can rest assured that you are choosing an original and authentic African thatched wooden structure from an ethical company, committed to excellent customer care. We welcome all comments and are more than pleased to offer advice on any individual requirements. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm to help you with your order or for any queries or questions that you may have.

The real dimension you decide to produce, will certainly program for that idea you intend to create use of this.
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The green natural environment with great air flow and the twittering of numerous wonderful wild birds really are a great experience it’s possible to really feel while relaxing in the garden on garden furniture. There are many types of backyard furniture units available nowadays made of many components such as metal, plastic and plastic soluble fiber, wicker, aluminium lightweight and resin but none of them match up the quality which is made available from wooden garden furniture. Buying furniture needs to be planned in advance and if budget allows, one should prefer wood over other materials as one should not compromise on quality in order to save some money. Posts Related to Solid wood Outdoor Furniture Choosing Garden FurnitureWhile decorating your gardens, you will need to put some garden furniture to maximize the potential of your garden. Hand made at The Cellar Trust, these planters are made from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Our unique range of African thatched structures really do stand out from the traditional type of wooden gazebos found in UK today.
Each structure offers a private enclosure for you to enjoy your hot tub or spa all year round. Each uniquely designed wood canopy or gazebo reflects a style of outdoor living that is uncomplicated, relaxed and elemental in its approach to colour and textures, evoking the character and essence of Africa. The thatch tiles can be purchased separately for your own build projects and are an excellent way of creating a thatched roof, but without the expense and time associated with traditional thatch. The African cape reed thatch, a renewable sustainable resource, is obtained exclusively from South Africa's oldest thatch farm (established in 1820). Each luxury wood gazebo or outdoor canopy is hand made in our own workshops by skilled craftsmen using premium rustic pine or redwood timber and poles, selected from managed forests in line with our environmental policy. Most kits can be fully assembled in a matter of hours using only a cordless screwdriver and basic household tools. How can you intfinish to utilize it with regard to, or even specifically what would you intend to shop withwithin the get rid of? This article will show you about Do all the planning, preparation and takes the hardwork out of building for you.
It provides a excellent satisfaction and freshness after having a difficult and stressful day. Furniture made of wood gives a great impression to the visiting guests and is considered as a status symbol.

These planters are hand made in our Woodwork Skill Shop from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come.
These planters are hand made from high quality timber in our skill shop at The Cellar Trust.
These garden planters are hand made from solid high quality reclaimed timber here at The Cellar Trust and will last for years to come.
You feel as if you are a million miles from the hustle of daily life, but in reality you didn't have to travel at all to get there. Choosing the right structure for your hot tub or spa will, without doubt enhance both your hot tub, spa and garden. Our canvas drop down panels or wooden logs sides are ideal for those cosy evenings as they provide privacy and additional shelter from the elements. You are guaranteed the highest level of quality and individuality that you simply can not buy from any traditional sales outlet.
All the components in each kit are pre-assembled and precision cut or routed to ensure a snug fit. Our portfolio is the most comprehensive available, encompassing many shapes sizes and options to suit any landscapes or garden. Following addititionally There’s the genuine gambrel style which looks like the barn.
Wooden garden home furniture looks purely natural in gardens and is much more comfortable than any other kind of home furniture. Option types of outdoor furnitureBig purchase for most owners have their outdoor furniture. It’s fun to browse websites and catalogs for design ideas to help visualize how your home will look.
You are enjoying the benefits of an African thatched wooden garden gazebo or thatched outdoor garden canopy!
Available small or large, freestanding, open on all sides or enclosed with canvas panels or solid log sides. Our range of canopies and gazebos have been designed to accomodate all types of garden furniture or what about a chill out bbq dining area!. As a specialist gazebo builder, manufacturer and supplier, the African Thatch Company is able to offer for sale an extensive range of self assembly canopy and gazebo kits in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might too demand the real lean-to obtain rid of, that is superb with regard to thin or even distinctive room. In order to capture the progress notion precisely whin these types of get rid of designs appear you’ll be able to look for the internet watching photos from the option designs.

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