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By using timber construction to demonstrate your environmental awareness to your staff and clients alike and benefit from reduced construction costs and reduced running costs. Internally, the solid log walls offer a constant reminder of the environmental focus, and the large windows and abundance of natural daylight create a working environment which is healthy and motivating.
However, where appropriate, a SIPTEK sustainable build system can be offered which allows for internal plastering should this be more practical. All our timber buildings are individually designed, so you have the opportunity to create the layout which most benefits your business: whether that be open plan, private meeting rooms, training areas, storage space, you can create a unique design to ideally suit your business and help you achieve your goals. The low energy heating and lighting systems we specify also contribute to a healthier environment by providing stable, controllable, draft free temperature. There are a wide range of sustainable options to suit, and these can include; sedum and wildflower roofing, rainwater harvesting and bio-mass fuels which complement the existing high specification.
Our Partners & ClientsWe work with a small, carefully chosen selection of manufacturers from across Northern Europe to ensure we supply our customers with the highest quality timber buildings.
Our client list includes the The Ockendon Academy, Manchester Grammar School, LEAs throughout the UK and growing number of private nurseries and businesses who appreciate quality. Cabinco Ltd, as specialists in timber buildings are working together with specialist contractors to bring you a Carbon Positive Solution for Schools. If the company is claiming there Timber Frame Building is eco passive, under which building regulations are they working from to get these calculations? There are hundreds of different questions, which you should ask your supplier when purchasing your timber Frame Garden Office. How high are the U values, are the windows and doors designed to allow you to vacate quickly if there is a fire?
Was it exposed to rain and wind while sitting in the whole sellers, is it all Trada graded C24? Are the panels pre-made in a Factory by skilled House Manufacturers, or are they offering to build from scratch your timber frame garden office in your garden? Even pallet manufacturers are now beginning to knock together timber frame buildings, as they see the pound signs floating above each and every garden. The obvious answer is that you purchase your Garden Timber frame office from an Qualified Experienced Timber Building Manufacturer. Over the years we have seen so many companies come and go, leaving the customer with worthless guarantees, shoddy buildings and headaches!
Please view below the kind of frame work that only we can offer at amazing prices, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or e-mail us!
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Our products include wooden garden buildings with european seasoned oak posts and balustrades with choice of roof coverings.
These beautiful oak timber building structures include European seasoned oak posts and balustrades with a choice of roof coverings, all are specially prepared to suit client requirements.
Call us today with your ideas and we can design and provide CAD drawings to bring the project to life.

Our modular classroom range has many possible uses in education and commercial environments. Tim Preece has been involved in designing and constructing quality timber homes and buildings for the past 20 years, gaining wealth and knowledge in this field.
If you have any requirements you wish to discuss or to obtain prices, then please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01299 272801.
We recently received some feed back from Barnack Pre-School, where we installed one of our Modular Classrooms.
Using wood to frame a structure instead of steel or concrete has been shown to decrease energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, solid waste, and negative ecological impacts.
Timber frame buildings offer a host of benefits that empower commercial construction in durability, design flexibility, and environmental friendliness. Commercial projects can benefit from presenting the world with a beautiful interior and exterior, and timber frame can make that happen through the warmth and attractiveness of exposed wood. Timber frame structures, built with strong mortise and tenon joints, are capable of withstanding extreme amounts of pressure and have innate fire resistance.
If you are striving to create a green structure, a timber frame can deliver both sustainable materials and energy efficiency. If you have questions about how timber framed structure could work for your business, we invite you to connect with timber frame professionals.
The immediate visual impact of the external timber cladding is an obvious statement of your green intentions; yet, as there is no need for treatment or painting of the exterior you are also making a choice that will save your business time and money as well. Log buildings are able to better regulate humidity than those constructed of man made (conventional) materials, and do not retain any electro-static charge.
The excellent U Values and air tightness of the buildings not only give you a potentially A Rated energy efficient building, but this reduction in energy used not only benefits the environment but reduces your ongoing overhead costs as well. This means that when you build with wood, you contribute to the environment in a positive way while also achieving a structure of profound durability. In addition to these practical benefits, a timber frame is an eye-catching conversation piece that will play a memorable part of your business in the years to come.This page provides a look at the attributes of timber framing that make it ideally suited for commercial building projects. Other typical commercial building materials, such as concrete and steel, must be hidden behind more appealing drywall and finishes.
These basic design qualities can help you to achieve a commercial structure of intense strength and durability.
In terms of sustainability, responsible forestry has made wood a renewable resource, unlike steel and concrete building materials. This is of benefit in particular to allergy sufferers which account for approximately 1:4 of the population.
For more information on other benefits of timber framing, learn more by visiting the Benefits of Timber Framing page. Timber, on the other hand, is often selected because it remains visible to the eye and provides a unique warm atmosphere.No matter your design style, timber can be customized to meet your needs. If you are looking for a large or very unique structure, the frame can be reinforced with steel in a number of ways to further enhance reliability.
Reclaimed or recycled timber is also available to you since wood is a long-lasting building material.

By choosing a solid log building you could potentially contribute to a reduction in staff sickness days.
The mobility of our units means their positioning can be altered at any time or even sold on at a later date. Different species of wood are available, and each can be finished in unique ways to convey the right tone for your business. Engineers are closely consulted throughout the process to determine the required sizes of the timber components and details of the connections.Once the design is established, the timber for the project is carefully selected. In this way, you can even achieve a structurally sound multi-story building using a wood frame.Steel connectors that bolster the frame can be customized to meet your design needs.
In addition to the wood itself, studies continue to show that the emissions and waste created as a result of a timber structure are less than those used to build a steel- or concrete-based structure. And what kind of other type of materials do they use in the roof to keep it water tight and highly insulated? From polished and oiled to rustic and rough, timber provides a building with inherent charm and character. Kiln dried wood is now available to ensure that wood is essentially dry before being used to build.
To achieve a more traditional look, steel reinforcements can be hidden inside the timber joints.
Energy efficiency is also possible to achieve with a timber frame, allowing you to reduce the operating costs for the structure through a strong design. Drying wood before building ensures that the wood does not check or shrink throughout the lifetime of the structure, creating the same consistent appearance at installation that you will see years down the road.After selecting the wood, the joinery for the project is meticulously cut by CNC machines or by the hand of a skilled craftsman. To achieve additional strength with a unique aesthetic appearance, the steel connectors can be left visible. One-third of the energy consumed in North America is used to heat, cool, ventilate, light and operate the appliances in buildings.
Steel connectors you might see include metal straps, tension rods, and gusset plates, which can contribute to strength and create an impressive appearance.To learn more about some of the innate strengths of building with timber frame, see our Durability page. One way to reduce the amount of energy consumed is to ensure that a structure has a strong enclosure system that appropriately insulates the space. This design capability and intense drive to achieve technical accuracy gives you the opportunity to use beautiful wood to achieve the commercial structure you’ve dreamed about. A timber frame combined with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) can help you to achieve outstanding levels of insulation.
In addition to their ease to install, SIPs create highly energy efficient spaces because of their high R values and their naturally low air infiltration rates.
Timber frames and SIPs are a perfect match and can make your building more cost effective to operate during the lifetime of your structure.To learn more about the green attributes of building with a timber frame, visit our Energy Efficiency page.

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