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Presently, there's a small 8' x 8' shed in the spot where I plan on putting the new shed, that I'll tear down. I just called the township and apparently, sheds over 100 square feet must comply with sideyard set backs only. Personally, I think it would look ridiculous to have the shed 10 feet off the side property line.
Also, my next door neighbor has a shed that is on the opposite side of the fence from where mine would be. Also any future permits you ask for would be gone over with a fine tooth comb, if they would even give you one. You are asking a series of legal questions, and this is a DIY forum, so the best you can hope to get are a bunch of uninformed answers. Regarding the size -- just a note if you haven't considered it -- you can't rip an 8 foot board on a table saw in a 16 foot building. My problem here is there doesn't seem to be a legitimate way around the sideyard setback issue that won't cost $750+.

That's actaully not a bad idea, but I guess it would depend on how much it would cost to move it. My neighbor was having a shed built and the guy that borders the back of our property had a fit with hw close it was and called the village. I actually just called the township and confirmed the amount required for a variance application ($750). I just think it is going to look completely ridiculous to have the shed sitting 10 feet off the side fence, and I don't think I should have to pay $750.00 to convince a zoning board that I am right.
The work was stopped and the shed had to be moved forward a total of 3' to meet the setback rules.
Then I told the secretary my situation and asked if there was any other way around the $750.00 fee (THIS IS ONLY A SHED FOR GOD-SAKES!).
This might be an amusing thread to discuss war stories on, but you already know the answer, constructing without a permit, in direct contravention to the regulations in place, is just not a good plan. Having said that, building without a permit is not an option for you because you will need a separate electrical inspection if you are going to run a line out there.

I think you have two options: 1- rethink your shed in such a way that the 10 foot setback becomes part of the design - whether that means using that space for storage, or fill it with a small patio, or attractive landscape plantings, or something else, is up to you. If, however, the building has any utilities running to it then it is considered a non-movable structure. There is a widely held perception that the permitting process exists only to make life difficult. Before starting a major project at my house I was advised by everyone to not get a permit because of all the problems and headaches that would invite. I decided to get a permit anyways and found the office people and the inspectors to be very helpful.

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