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Maximum Space with a Lean To ConservatoryMany people opt for a lean-to conservatory in order to maximise the amount of space available to them.
More often than not, adding a lean-to conservatory to your property does not require planning permission and is usually exempt from building regulations. Various roof glazing options are available and our comprehensive design process ensures we establish which option is best suited to your situation. When choosing the right conservatory style for your home you first need to consider what type of material you want it to be made of. A Lean-to conservatory often has a single door but you can also choose to have sliding patio, bi fold or double French doors installed. A gable is the generally triangular shape section of wall at the end of a pitched roof, occupying the space between the two slopes of the roof.
An even larger roof than the Gable is the Lantern, which in turn lends itself well to large conservatories. When you first consider having a conservatory it is important to decide what you want it to be used for. A beautiful conservatory installed professionally will always add to your quality of life with your family and friends and add value to your property.
GlassOur glass roof lean-to conservatory brings the outside in, and enables you to benefit from your conservatory in both the warmer and colder months. They offer the opportunity to extend your home without the expense or planning permission of an actual extension. If you have only a small space to fit a conservatory or you live in a bungalow or one-storey building then this is the conservatory design for you. A Gable Conservatory can, therefore, be distinguished by its unique triangular shape at the front, much like a roof has a gable-end. If you want your conservatory to run the length of your house and then have a central projection extending out into your garden, then this is the conservatory style for you.

Often with large families their differences of opinion as to what  they would like to use it for. Today some customers want to stand out from the crowd with a conservatory that adds the wow factor. It takes its inspiration from the Italian Renaissance period where a roofed gallery was designed to open the sides to the air and be supported by ornate columns. An Orangery has the same magnificent lantern roof feature but it contains a lot more brickwork than your average conservatory. Should your conservatory require planning permission, we can do this for you and offer a complete planning application service which includes all drawings and paperwork and submission of the application on your behalf. The outer pane of glass prevents unwanted sunrays penetrating during the summer, while the inner pane prevents heat loss during winter. It is lower than a traditional conservatory with a single pitch, sloping roof and often has a small dwarf wall. They have a raised roof in the middle section, much like a lantern and is often referred to as two-tiered.
If you are lucky enough to have a large house then the P-shape conservatory can end those debates by offering you a room which combines a dual usage.
The Glass Extension conservatory is a fashionable option and suits those looking for a more minimalist and contemporary extension which uses sleek lines, is spacious and lets in lots of light.
This architecture has been adapted to design a conservatory which looks beautiful and is more like an extension due to the columns. The experts at Academy Home Improvements are here to help you make the right choice for you and your home. Surprisingly, lean-to conservatory cost is quite conservative, enabling you to gain an extra room and improve the value of your property for a relatively modest outlay.
The elevated roof, giving rise to the triangular shape, allows for even more light to come into the room.

This raised roof gives it a grand look from the outside and a majestic feel inside because the roof is so much higher. The columns here are metal and painted rather than brickwork, which helps to keep down the costs and are often called in-fill panels.
They do vary but often there is a dwarf wall and columns so that the Orangery appears to be a room surrounded by extra large windows and a fabulous lantern roof. When built off the kitchen they can provide extra space for family dining and social entertaining. Older conservatories and sunrooms were often constructed with a flat roof, which can increase the risk of leaks and structural damage, particularly when there is heavy rain or a significant snow fall.
Consider what works with your house, the benefits and style you are looking to achieve then look at which type of conservatory will work best for you and your home.You may also want to look at our conservatory buying guide.
Our roofs are almost invariably designed to be slanted, allowing easy run-off of precipitation and minimising the load-bearing stress caused by snow. The room is transformed inside from the fantastic view of the sky and the grandiose feeling of height.
They are constructed from robust materials which provide superior thermal and acoustic insulation, while still being lightweight and durable. Ideal for use as a lounge or dining area, a conservatory is far more than an additional room, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your garden in warmth and comfort, even during the winter months. We are happy to source a conservatory which meets your exact specifications and fit it quickly and skilfully.

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