Building a garden shed on a slope

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This Workshop Utilty Garden Shed is a premium quality shed that's great for the larger backyards. Hardware2u Garden Sheds are designed for maximum strength and manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting. Hills Heritage Clothes Hoist - Total Line Space 49m, Diameter of head 5m, Minimum Garden Space of 6m Diameter. Hardware2u Garden Sheds are designed for maximum strength and manufactured from low maintainance ribbed steel sheeting.

Click here to see what size slab you needGARDEN SHED DELIVERY OPTIONSWe have a networkof depots across Australia where you can pick up from for free. Delivery Details Click Here for the list of Free DepotsHome delivery is available Australia wide!When selecting home delivery you will be shown the home delivery amount from our shipping calculatorduring the order confirmation process. Its ideal for storing anything including furniture, ride on mower just about every item you can thing of. You will need to select "Courier" to select to home delivery method.Allour sheds come with a 20 year warrantyWe can confidently offer a 20 year warranty on all our products. As soon as your shed arrives, the local depot will give you a call to let you know it's ready for you to come in and pick it up.

Your shed will come flat packed to make it easy to pick up in a station wagon, Ute, trailer or using roof racks.

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