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One can see that the quoted companies (Safestore, Big Yellow and Lok’nStore) rank highly taking the 1st, 2nd and 6th position in terms of number of self storage facilities.  Storage King is a hybrid as it acts as a branding organisation and manager, whilst privately-owned groups also feature very prominently.
Within this table Bishop’s move is unusual in that it is clearly integrated into a national removals company whereas most of the others work closely with local removals firms. Another feature of the top 15 list is that it doesn’t show a single completely dominant player – but a group of the big three has emerged: Safestore, Big Yellow and Access. It seems likely that, with the pressure on both rates and occupancy, there will be some consolidation and that some of those storage operators in the bottom half of the league table will be taken over by some of those in the top half.  In terms of mergers, some are more compatible than others and warehouse-type self storage operators have historically been resistant to taking over companies running containerised storage facilities such as Lock Stock Self Storage. Self Storage Units - Self Storage Units covers several topics you need to know when it comes to protect your personal or business belongings, check different types of units, self storage for rent, for sale, Associations, even auctions. Self Storage Companies - Self Storage Companies offers personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves.
If you want to search more options, also outside Fl, feel free to check our Self Storage Companies Section.
Silverwood is a full-service multifamily real estate development, property management and asset management firm.

Silverwood has a longstanding positive reputation with our partners, investors and lenders for providing outstanding asset and property management services throughout the project lifecycle. Completed in September 2015, this 110,000 GSF concrete and steel building yields 88,000 NSF with 1230 rental lockers.
Over the years, self storage companies have being providing the much needed extra space for households and small business owners.
This lack of store space in residential dwellings prompted the storage industry to tap into the space rental business.
A self storage company is in the business of providing safe and secure facilities to its clients. But it is also unusual in that it runs two companies, because it also owns Ease the Squeeze which appears in the top 15 table.
Read about this business, links and a list of Self Storage companies from around the World. The primary focus of the Silverwood Companies is to develop, acquire and manage quality multifamily and residential communities in the Greater Washington D.C.

People who use these companies have an added advantage of being in control of their possession.When we need extra space, many will think of those storage companies with large warehouses on the edge of towns and cities.
Taking this into account, Bishop’s should perhaps be ranked as the 7th largest by number of stores.
It has been estimated that around 25 million rent-able square feet is used every year in the United Kingdom.
Checkout the unbiased feed backs and comments from real people using these services to help you make better judgment for yourself.Self storage companies are more popular with home movers and small business owners, but students are also among the largest group of people who utilised their services in England and Wales.
This has enabled many people to use their services who wouldn't have used it otherwise.24 hours access is usually a great feature for these companies but other operators charge fees for outside opening hours access.
Most students use it to keep their stuff safe while on holidays from university.Remember many small store companies do provide unique individual customer needs.

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