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When selecting a broadband router the first thing you need to get right is the line-side interface. Similar to an ethernet router except an ADSL modem is provided at the WAN interface for direct connection to your telephone line.
This type of router has ethernet connections on both the WAN (ie internet) side and the LAN (ie your) side.
There are other possibilities: For instance you could use a PC running routing software, in which case you could select the most appropriate line-interface(s) for your needs. Network address translation describes the ability of the router to share a single internet address provided by your ISP amongst several devices on your local network.
IpSec Virtual Private Networking, provided with Microsoft operating systems, is a secure way of linking two computers or networks via the internet.
If you want to operate a web or FTP server behind your router you will need to forward specific ports to the computer in question.
Although routers running in NAT mode are considered to be inherently secure, you may like to enhance your peace-of-mind in the form of a firewall. Network specialist TP-LINK is carving a name for itself as a provider of low-cost, high-quality networking kit. Touting N600, N750 and N900 speeds, the value end of the TP-LINK range - N600 - comprises of the ?60 WDR3600 and ?50 WDR3500 routers.
10 blue LEDs describe a number of common router functions, but they cannot be turned off in the control panel - we guess this is what black insulating tape was invented for. It's worth noting that printers, hard drives and USB sticks can be connected to the two ports and then shared across devices, either wired or wirelessly.
There's a basic bandwidth control feature for each device connected to the network but no genuine Quality of Service (QoS), where certain applications can be given bandwidth precedence over others. Change any manifest settings - the SSID name, for example - and the router requires a reboot, which is normal, yet it takes over a minute to do so; this could certainly do with a speed-up. All in all, the ?60 pricing and potential 600Mbps WiFi throughput are the two standout specifications of the TL-WDR3600 Gigabit router, though the control panel and overall software feature-set is average.
Alright, Cisco focuses on training, routers, switches, wireless access points, optical networking and information security.
The Cisco Catalyst 4500 delivers 848 gigabits per second with 48 gigabits per second per slot. A detailed discussion of solutions such as this is beyond the scope of this brief introduction.

However, your choice of router will probably be determined by a very small sub-set of these features, depending on what you want to use the router for.
Although there are other protocols which are badly behaved from a NAT point of view, Microsoft VPN is by far the most often requested. The good news is that the main 'internet' application such as web (http&https), mail (pop and smtp), file transfer (ftp), telnet and many more do not require any special handling.
We'd recommend the company doubling the length of each cable, because it provides that extra bit of flexibility for a few pence more. The industrial design is shared with the next model up, WDR4300, which bumps the cumulative wireless speed up to 750Mbps but uses a third antennae to do so. Perhaps not immediately obvious in the above pictures is the semi-glossy plastic; it smudges ever so easily and, after using the router for a while, appears to be a dust magnet. Should the client-side device support WPS pressing this button for around five seconds initiates automatic (secure) connection, removing the need to manually type in the password, though do be aware that holding it down for closer to 10 seconds forces a factory reset.
Understanding that the router has FTP and media server credentials, we'd like to see USB 3.0 ports as standard, though, to be fair, the CPU within the router may struggle with high-speed transfers. The look and feel of the control panel is more 2003 than 2013, however, and, though easy to navigate, we much prefer the simpler, more elegant layout implemented by recent ASUS routers. Unlike other premium routers, there's also no option to enable a guest network or create a shared connection out of a mobile-broadband dongle. The Internet operates by transferring data between hosts in small packets that are independently routed across networks as specified by an international communications protocol known as the Internet Protocol. It has a number of adapters and dedicated processors that control audio, video and data quality of service management. We provide network equipments that reduce the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products. Computers on your local network take addresses in a completely private range, which is not visible to the outside world. In order to make VPN work over NAT the router needs to recognise the data flowing through it and modify it as it goes. Configured out-of-the-box with security in mind, one simply enters the password contained on a stickered label that's resident on the underside of the unit. Build quality is decent and the comparatively average throughput speeds enables TP-LINK to get away without using an internal fan. This router does support the Linux-based DD-WRT firmware for a fuller range of options, though flash it at your own risk.

The device offers Cisco’s router security configurations, allowing you to deploy firewall rules over IPv6 specifications. Optimized for the high-bandwidth requirements of video-on-demand services, it has features that physically protect your data and network bandwidth from unauthorized access. The router then controls the traffic passing through it by changing the reply addresses as the traffic passes.
Some, such as the SAR110 can forward ranges of ports, which can be useful for games-servers.
If you know enough to specify a firewall then one assumes you already know enough to choose one! Designed for service providers, the router is meant to deliver large amounts of information to a diverse pool of clients. All Solwise routers support NAT and the vast majority of routers are run with this feature turned on.
An ALG for Microsoft VPN is provided with all Solwise routers, in the form of a VPN tunnel, which can handle a single channel of VPN traffic.
This is partly because of the sharing function, but also because NAT provides a good level of security by effectively hiding your computers from the internet.There is however a down-side to NAT. As an alternative to providing channels for VPN traffic through the NAT, some routers have the ability to act as a termination point for the VPN traffic. This feature allows ports to be opened dynamically in response to the passing traffic, and is useful for H.323 applications such as NetMeeting and Voice over IP. Because NAT changes the return address of outgoing packets from your network to match the WAN side of the router, it does not do well in handling data which is in a form which deviates from internet standards (TCP and UDP in this case). This means that any device on your network can communicate through the VPN channel rather than just those devices with VPN client software. Now, if anyone was going to develop applications which were badly behaved in this way, you can imagine that Mr. For instance you may want to set up a Voice-over-IP phone connection with your head office using a VoIP gateway.

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