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Looking for firewood processor Plans?Well look no further, you can download plans to build your own firewood processor. Enhance your outdoor living space with this rustic firewood storage rack - it's as attractive and alluring a feature of the backyard as the fireplace itself!
Pickard Farm is your best choice for firewood promptly delivery throughout MassachusettsWe Can Deliver up to four cords of Firewood at a time. Heating with firewood offers many benefits including reducing heating or electricity bills, feeling self sufficient and carbon footprint reduction. The great people from Popular Mechanics Magazine have firewood shed plans to follow for your custom firewood shed.
Here you will find our step-by-step firewood shed plans to help keep your firewood dry and ready to burn.
This firewood shed is designed to be completed in about a day but if I were you, I would give yourself a full weekend to ensure the best quality product possible.
20 square feet of asphalt shingles to be used as shingles for the roof of your firewood shed. First lets prepare the location where your shed will be built.You will need a shovel, a level, some sand and the 4concrete blocks. Eric used his SP-135 Plus (now a Power MIG 140C) wire feeder welder and SuperArc L-56 MIG wire (C25 shielding gas) to weld the firewood rack. The Woodstocker rack by Harrie Leenders is a charming country-chic design made of corten and galvanized steel, forming a vertical storage space that that lets you store lots of logs while using a minimal footprint, leaving room for lawn, garden and play! To achieve this measurement, tightly stack the pieces of firewood all in the same direction, four feet high by four feet deep by eight feet long. Again this will take some minor building experience but if you sweet talk your local lumber dealer, they will probably make the cuts for you.
In this article, we have described the techniques for constructing your own firewood shed complete with a list of materials, time required for construction and the tools you will need to get the job done right. This is a very important step that can undermine the quality of your shed if not done properly.

Eric said "I've been using my SP-135 Plus for nearly three years and it is a great piece of equipment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. The standard measure of firewood is a cord or 128 cubic feet or (4x4x8 ft) We sell firewood by the stack which is 20 pieces (16inch to 18inch) for $10 or by the truck pick up load (8ft bed) which is $100.
Under its roof, this sheltered storage space keeps your firewood dry and ready to burn in all weather.
4' x 4' x 8' = 128 Cubic Feet.What wood Burns Best - The best burning wood is seasoned hardwood, led by ash and followed by oak and hardwood maples. Contrary to popular belief, firewood is a completely renewable resource and thanks to new developments in fireplace insert technologies, it can even be virtually smoke free. The previous owners of our house use to store their firewood in the front entry of our house.
You can avoid all of this work by simply ordering your kiln dried firewood prestacked in one of our custom cedar firewood storage units. If you are looking to upgrade your base and make it a permanent structure, a great alternative to concrete blocks is pouring a full concrete slab.  Using the 3-4-5 rule, measure the diagonals and make adjustments to the blocks until they are perfectly equal. Be sure to use a spirit level to make certain that the floor is horizontal and level before driving the 3″ screws though the rim joists. Align the boards into position, then drive 3″ screws through the slats in the joists.
The open tube ends are closed with plasma cut stars and eye-bolts are on each of the bottom corners for securing a tarp. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility. Another nice thing about these racks is they are super-easy to assemble and dismantle, so you can take it apart, move it and add to it as required - the length is totally customizable to suit your backyard dimensions. Seasoned means the tree has been cut and allowed to dry for a least one year, although it need not be split.

Any time you are using firewood to heat your home, it is important to find clean, dry firewood with a moisture content rating between 14%-20% but if you are heating with a new insert, it is absolutely imperative.  Once wood has been seasoned, split and stacked, it is important to keep it dry. They have the best staff, service and professional grade selection of lumber and tools so you don’t do things twice. The only exception to the seasoning rule is ash, which can usually be used the same season. Tarps can keep water out but they are quite the fuss and most stormy nights, you will wake up to wet wood and tarps everywhere.
If you happen to go into a Slegg Lumber, do yourself a favor and ask them what they think about your project and if there are any ways you can save money while doing things the right way. Generally we suggest storing naturally seasoned firewood a minimum of 10ft away from your home but i would just have it as far away as possible. While birch wood, with its attractive white bark, is the prettiest wood, it is not among the best burning. You want your wood to stay dry while providing quality airflow to avoid rot, mold and bugs.
While it is not a good idea to have a wood pile too close to the house, it's safe and very convenient to keep an immediate supply in an iron ring on the patio, porch or even beside the fireplace. If the wood is well-seasoned, you can cover the pile with plastic but be aware that a plastic cover will slow down the seasoning process. It is also a good idea to keep the wood on two treated two-by-fours so that it is not in direct contact with soil.

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