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Have you done research and would like a custom pergola built for your home or cottage? Contact us any time, we would be happy to hear thoughts and Pergola plans. Contact us today to get started!
If you are interested in having our pergola design team construct a unique pergola on your property, but still have a few questions before getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Customers who are interested in our custom Pergolas are also sometimes interested in our Gazebos.
Widths between 12' and 16' require a spliced pergola beam; widths of more than 16' require additional pergola posts.

They can be left natural to weather gracefully to a dove grey, Sealed to hold its patina and give it a glow or painted to dress up even further. We have found this is the best way to match your current deck designs or backyards landscape. Once the pergola plans are finished our on-site pergola construction team will bring the pergola in sections to your home, cottage, or business where we will assemble your new Pergola.
This guarantees every Pergola design is uniquely it’s own, providing needed sunshade with a whole lot of style.

If your interested in a unique Pergola shape, Pergola lighting, or even a unique pergola roof style then contact us today!

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