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TREATMENT: All buildings except the Denington range are treated with Barrettine spirit-based preserver. Alternatively, the timbers may be Tanalised (pressure-treated) for extended protection at a premium of 15%.
WARRANTY: All buildings are guranteed against defect in manufacture for 12 months from delivery. With normal use and reasonable care, these buildings would be expected to last at least 10 years in good condition. Absco, one of the largest steel garden shed manufacturers on the World has recently released their newest model the Ezislim. While the same size Spacesaver shed has skillion roof, the Ezislim storage shed comes with flat roof and 1.95m wall height.
And of course, just for the peace of mind it also comes with 20 years written¬†manufacturer’s¬†warranty. It is also manufactured from high quality Australian made Bluescope steel same as the rest of the Absco range and available in Zincalume and Colorbond colours (Classic Cream or Pale Eucalypt).
KrisztianManaging Director at Cheap Sheds Pty LtdKrisztian is the co-founder and Managing Director of Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd and Cheap Sheds New Zealand Limited.
Next post: Why NOW Is The Best Time To Buy A Spanbilt Garden Shed, Aviary Or Pool Pump Cover? Smooth planed framing (27x32mm) has been used internally, and is doubled at the corners for strength. Times shown are typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. This is because any building which includes free installation is invariably better made using quality components. The Absco range garden sheds have standard 1.8m wall height expect the Highlander models so the extra wall height is a great feature of the Ezislim. Over time regular feedback from fitters ensures that design faults and weaknesses have been rectified. Northern Ireland, Eire, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man), however there is a charge for this service, and lead times may increase.
Quality features include 2" thick planed framing, shiplap cladding and a tongued and grooved floor and roof. Same day installation is convenient for you and cost effective because it saves travelling costs.

You see, the great thing about this small storage unit is that the single hinged door which is 0.75m wide is actually on the narrow side of the shed making it easy to access and still provide great deepness to fit things into it comfortably. Our professional erecting service may not be available your area, and may be subject to additional charges if you are in an outlying area. Options include pressure treated timber, an external paint treatment in a choice of colours, a heavy duty floor upgrade and a waterproof membrane. Others send sub-contract fitters separately, often from far away and often a week or two after the delivery. The third picture shows the optional paint colours available.Prices fixed until Wednesday 9th March. A flat and level base is required, which can be made using concrete, paving slabs, pressure treated timber or plastic. The joinery door frames are fully morticed and tenoned with substantial framing and a good quality lock. Many sheds include thin styrene glazing, which provides little security or weather protection.
This design ensures that rainwater drains faster and the timber dries quicker, which ensures a longer life for your garden shed. The preservative is forced into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface.
Tanalith E is the most popular preservative used so pressure treated wood is often described as tanalised.
Pressure treated or tanalised wood is almost colourless except for a slight green tint caused by the copper content in the preservative.
Microporous woodstains are impervious to water but not to water vapour, which allows the wood to breathe. One or two colours can be chosen, with the doors, windows and fascias being painted the same colour as the external cladding or different. The bearers are the only part of the garden shed which is in contact with the ground and they are pressure treated for longer life. It features 12mm thick tongued and grooved boards with 2" thick floor joists spaced close together for improved strength. This layer is impervious to moisture and ensures that the inside of your garden shed is drier. Extensive preparation is not normally required - just level the soil and lay the pavers directly on the soil.

Where space permits the base is normally laid full size but if required in a tight location the pavers can be easily cut to size with no loss of structural integrity.
A heavy duty anchor bracket with a cable and padlock can be securely wall or floor mounted into brickwork, concrete or timber. Padlocks are available with a closed shackle for security or a combination lock for convenience.
The recodable combination bolt is quick and easy to use, with no keys to lose and no time wasted looking for keys. A hasp and staple set or a pair of door brackets can also be fitted to single or double doors. Two pre-wired door contacts are also included complete with a length of cable which plugs into the main panel.
Once the alarm has been armed it will be triggered by opening the door or tampering with the wiring. During the day the externally mounted solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the batteries. Our solar security lights illuminate the approach to your garden shed at night and may also deter burglars. After dusk the passive infra red movement detector switches itself on when it detects movement. If access is restricted, your shed can be specially made in smaller sections designed to pass through a normal single door.
The smaller sections are designed to be at least as strong as the larger panels normally supplied. Most cheaper garden sheds are delivered by national carriers who normally deliver to the kerbside only. As a result, garden sheds delivered by outside carriers are made in small and flimsy lightweight sections with less wood. We also accept password protected online payments using Verified by VISA or Mastercard SecureCode. Features of these garden sheds include careful construction with high quality components and fewer problems.

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