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The possibilities and uses for portable buildings and storage sheds are virtually limited only in your mind. Campbells is a distributor of quality products manufactured by General Shelters of Texas, which offers over four decades of building manufacturing experience and is devoted to producing the highest quality, most durable buildings available on the market today. Portable, modular and mobile buildings are available in a wide selection of exterior colors to correspond with most surroundings. Campbell Portable Buildings also offers Port-o-Covers and Perm-a-Covers, which offer sturdy, dependable shelter for cars, boats, recreational vehicles, entrances, industrial equipment or animals and livestock. Sizes range from widths of 8' to 18' and lengths of 8' to 60' (mobile offices to 80'), along with the option of multiple sections. Each cover features commercial grade steel with baked-on finish, self-supporting steel structures for added strength, a 40-year limited warranty on metal and a variety of colors from which to choose.

Ia€™ve been to the store recently and now Ia€™ve see that instead of having the doors on one side, therea€™s a single door on the side with a double door on the end. Whether it's a trash can shed or a pool side cabana our design team will help you from start to finish and make your dream a reality. We get a lot of rain and there has never been any leaks and to tell you the truth, Ia€™ve accidentally ran into it with the riding lawnmower and it didna€™t even budge from the foundation.
I wish that I could take the credit for it, but the good thing about Home Depot is that they set it up for us. While I say that they set it up for us, what they do is contract it out to a local construction company that comes out and does it themselves.
Although, the foundation didna€™t come as part of it, so I went ahead and poured the foundation myself.

It has enough room for everything that we need and we were even able to put a little counter in there for some garden things. I dona€™t know how the new version of this shed is, but if theya€™re anything like mine, theya€™re perfect. I know that I could have bought one and put it together myself, but it was summer and I didna€™t want to spend the time.

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