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That’s right, it's a new year and most scrapbookers are making resolutions to organize their scrap spaces.
Clip It Up is a unique and simple solution for organizing, storing and using all types of scrapbooking products and embellishments. Making Memories helps you add a personal touch to your storage options with this storage shelf with photo holders on each of the 5 drawers. Shemaine SmithLA Scrapbooking ExaminerA self proclaimed scrapbooking addict for over 11 years now, Shemaine loves to create pages and projects using trendy techniques and hot products. Pantry clutter, food storage and kitchen cleaning remediesHas an item been in your pantry for three months or longer? A Rachel Grant tour: Bravo stunning adventurous docu-series starJumping off the big screen as a Bond girl, the adventurous Rachel Grant is now starring on the small screen in an audacious role in the real life “Tour Group” docu-series on Bravo.
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It’s time to clean out that scrap room and get ready for the new products coming to you from your favorite manufacturers. Stickers, ribbons, brads, rub-ons and many other items are right in sight and at your fingertips.
Shemaine enjoys creating mini albums from coasters and recycling packaging and other items into her pages and projects. I love some of your suggestions though and will definitely take then on board next time I need to reorganize. Since one Clip It Up can hold hundreds of different items, you can quickly access your collection and make your scrapbooking more efficient, fun and creative. I’ve also got my eye on those cabinets of tiny drawers that are normally used to store electrical components.
Not only they are flexible to be built into various models and styles but they are far less expensive.

If you have such a cramped and also messy living place it will also make your life feels not too pleasuring.
By adding these storage shelves, you can solve at least two problems which are storage and also appearance problem.You do not have to think too hard in finding the solution for your storage problem.
This will result in more organized stuffs inside your living place so the appearance will be also boosted up!First you will need to define how the shelves will look like. Get it designed based on your taste and personality so it will tell the people who stare at it about the owner.
After you are done with the first step, then you will need to define how big the shelves will be. If the stuffs are huge ones, then make sure the shelves will be able to accommodate them.Calculating the cost of building these shelves is also important.

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