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11 Comments June 2, 2015 by traci 11 Comments Yesterday, I shared the Lowe’s Exterior Makeover Reveal with you, and today I wanted to show you how we made the board and batten shutters.
They helped us build, sand, and stain the board and batten shutters for Grant and Beth’s house.
Steve, the assistant manager, was helping us make the shutters, and I put him on the spot and asked him if I could video him making one of the shutters. Without any practice at all, Steve whipped out this 3 minute video tutorial with complete perfection! On the side walls cut the vertical boards at a length long enough to tuck under the lower overhanging roof board [v] and run below the floor joists.
On the font and rear walls cut the vertical boards at a length long enough to be flush with the top of the raking roof and run below the floor joists. NOTE: This complete plan-set with additional information can be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. Make a 45° angle cut at one end and make a round cut at the other end on all 4 boards. Fix the rake boards [x] to the tops of the vertical boards [r] at both front and rear gables. Nail on the center line of the vertical batten, through the gap between the vertical boards and into the blocking. Using one length of 100x25 (1x4) stock and one length of 75x25 (1x3) stock at each corner will give a balanced look.
I just gathered up my tools, scrounged up some leftover paint, dug out some boards, and we got to work. I've been wanting to do the Board and Batten treatment to the walls for quite some time, especially after seeing Kate's, The Nester's, Decor Chicks, Sarah's, Annicole's, Karla's, Beckie's, Tiffany's, Ashleys, Pink Toes and Power Tools, Mary Jean's, Kimba's, Melissa's, Donna's, Julia's and so many more beautiful and inexpensive Board and Batten wall treatments. The one major issue I will focus on in this tutorial is getting your Board and Batten attached to studs in the wall. I choose to use pine boards for my Board and Batten project because it is formaldehyde free. Now of course you should be aware of the finished design, and if a board just doesn't work, or your wall wasn't built to code, don't feel like you must attach a board to every stud. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I find it easier to paint the wall first and to pre paint the boards, less potential drips. My louvered shutters were beginning to give the place that haunted house look– peeling paint and a few cockeyed slats. Then, of the half dozen or so painters I contacted, the lone one who thought such a small job was worth his time wanted $800.
Depending on the size, you’ll want to use two or three boards to make up the shutter body.

Then I took a small plane and chamfered the side edge of each board just a touch to give the sides and the edges where the boards join some dimension and a finished character. Flip the assembly over and screw the battens to the boards from the underside to eliminate the need for hiding the screws with countersinking and plugs. Once your shutters are all put together, you can decide on the finish.  I used a couple of coats of primer and a couple of topcoats of exterior housepaint (front and back).
I decided to go the un-authentic (and cheap and easy) route and screw the shutters to the house instead of investing in working hardware. Those look really good, I love the country look that they give, and I am sure you saved a bundle. Hang out with theater groups very much and you can learn a lot of interesting ways to fool the eye. Your picture looks like it could be my house, down to the siding and shutter colors, even the windows and blinds inside! The happily part is probably just because he was happy she didn’t chop the whole house down while she was at it. Do you have any directions for building a single board and batten shutter that hinges from the top of the window and can be propped up with a stick or hook and eye? Question: from reading these instructions, it sounds like the vertical boards are not actually joined together. Enter your email address into the form below and click "Subscribe" to receive the best of DIY Home World delivered direct to your inbox. I’ve been wanting to make my own to look exactly like these but didn’t know how I would do it to look that perfect! After this video, I think that I may now want to put these shutters and window flower box on also. The tops of the boards will need to be cut on a 45° angle to match the rake of the roof. Preferably, the battens should have a groove each side of the join to stop water being drawn in by capillary action. I'll be spending a tad more on new towels and rugs and some accessories, but definitely, if you are looking at your bath in disdain, this quick makeover might just be the ticket to creating your most favorite room in your home. I'll never get tired looking at this stuff, and I just finished another wall treatment in our living room and can't wait to post it.
Problem was, they’re 70 years old and layered with so many coats of lead paint it was a hazmat nightmare. I’m not handy enough to make louvered shutters, but simple board and batten ones are within my reach.
Shutters, whether they are going to be functional (mounted on hinges and closed over the window) or not are traditionally sized as if they are functional. Now you’ve got me wishing I had shutters, but they are wrong for the style of my house.

The rake cap sits on top of the rake board [x] and covers the ends of the roof boards [v]. Not the sort of project I could tackle in bits and pieces and put away each day safe from the little folks. At the low end, the ones I made of spruce cost $25 per pair lumber only (add more for paint, primer, glue and screws). I spent 5 years as a painter, so I would recommend a tiny bead of chaulk along the top of the horizontal boards to prevent water from getting between the boards and causing premature rot. Not bad, and the weight will depend on the size of the shutters that fit your particular windows. Everything pretty much as you said, and I ended up making those very same shutters – exactly!
Every few days great grand mother would beg great-grandfather to make some that were lovely and at the very least presentable. Mine are actually nailed in, not the best solution, but I had these insanely long nails that had been holding the old shutters up for decades and I saved those and re-used them. They add that touch of rustic and classy to the outside of your home, without breaking the bank! I dont know if some 3 inch nails will be able to pin the box strongly, Any thoughts on this?
But I had a baby on my back and ten zillion other decision to make at the time, like where to put the toilet and what size rafters we needed for the great room ceiling . But money and especially time being very tight at the time, (he did hew them out of logs etc so it wasn’t so much a money issue then). Head over to Home Talk to read the full tutorial on making your own board and batten shutters. He would say that there were so many other things that needed his time, that it wasn’t a real need. Though I worry that it might make the vinyl siding (it came with the house, just like the pink tile in the bathroom) look even more cheesy.
Well my fragile great grandmother went out one day, took an ax and chopped them off their 1 story home! So great grandfather happily took the time to make some new ones, that were lovely of course.

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