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Sheds n Homes Sydney City is an Australian owned and operated steel building store located in Emu Plains, near Penrith. Our steel building solutions are made from quality Australian BlueScope Steel, most coming with a choice of premium tensile strength sheeting made from COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel options. As a company with extensive industry experience, we have a thorough understanding of the steel building market, and we are more than happy to sit with you to find a design to suit your building needs. If you are looking for a reliable company in Sydney that designs, supplies and constructs garages and sheds get in touch with us today. Sydney Sheds and Garages is a family owned business specialising in the distribution of custom made steel framed buildings.
We supply premium quality Carports, Garages, Barns, Farm Sheds and Industrial and Commercial Buildings. As an authorised dealer for Fair Dinkum Sheds, the largest buying group for steel buildings in the Southern Hemisphere, we can offer you the highest quality product for the best possible price. All buildings supplied by Sydney Sheds and Garages come with full engineering documentation and these designs are based on your buildings specific site location, ensuring you peace of mind. It is the intention of Sydney Sheds and Garages to expand its network of customers and build a reputation of reliability, efficiency and professionalism.
If you are considering different housing options for your property and are looking for a affordable and timely building, then a steel kit home from Sheds n Homes Sydney could be an ideal solution.
For those with little knowledge, a steel kit building is supplied as the name suggests in kit form.
If you would prefer to have the construction taken care of, our team at Sheds n Homes Sydney can put you in touch with reputable local builders and trades that we regularly work with.
We have seven standard home designs that take you from small Granny Flats for out the back of your property, through to large single and double storey homes for your gowning family. For more information on how Sheds n Homes Sydney can help you turn your dream into a reality, call today on 1800 764 764 and ask for more information about our steel kit homes. Sydney Sheds and Garages is excited to announce that we have recently added SOL Home Improvements outdoor steel shade structures to our product range.
SOL Home Improvement structures can be designed to suit your site size and shape requirements, and may be designed as attached to your home or as a freestanding structure.
Powder coated beams and posts enhance the appearance of the structure, and our roofing options can be matched to compliment the look and colour scheme of your home. Sheds n Homes Sydney specialise in cold-form industrial sheds and pre-engineered commercial buildings.
Our cold-formed steel portal frame buildings are manufactured from high tensile 450+ MPa BlueScope Steel. Our unique design software enables site specific engineering, factoring in the specific design criteria of your building site.

Should you commercial building application and project fall outside of our parameters, we work with a partner company to ensure your requirements can be met.
With multiple layout options and flexible designs, we are sure you will find the ideal building to suit your business venture. Sheds n Homes Sydney offers robust steel barns that can be adapted to suit a number of different applications. At Sheds n Homes Sydney we offer a range of barns that are flexible in design, allowing our team of steel building experts to customise our standards to suit your individual needs. Our Aussie style barn, the Kakadu, is unique in that it does not have a raised centre section. Irrespective of whether you opt for the heritage or Aussie style, you are guaranteed received a quality steel barn designed and engineered specifically for your intended site. If you would like more information about our steel barns, or would like to obtain an obligation-free quote simply call us on 1800 764 764 or 02 4735 4917.
We offer a large range of steel building applications for the residential, rural and industrial sectors.
Our garages, storage sheds, barns, stables and arenas, and industrial buildings can be customised to suit your specific requirements. We also offer site specific engineering on every project, as well as some innovate guarantees surrounding the payment and delivery of your building kit.
We are the company that locals trust, because we are locals, with the knowledge and experience to give the right advice every time.
Our Australian designed steel framed homes are durable and cost-effective housing solution that has significantly grown in popularity in recent years. This means that you will receive the components and the construction manuals, which gives you the option to become an owner-builder and save on often costly builder’s margins.
They are well versed on our steel building kits and can erect your home in a timely and professional manner. Perfect for entertaining, our open plan homes incorporate large living areas and spacious rooms. Alternatively, submit an online quote request and we will be in contact shortly to discuss our housing solutions with you.
We also supply a range of insulated decorated panels to enhance your outdoor living experience. Our cold form industrial designs are ideal for use as commercial premises, warehouses and storage buildings, among many other applications. This allows us to offer cladding options in both COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel, giving you control over the finish of your industrial building design. Possible clear spans of 30 metres, heights up to 9 metres and massive lengths beyond 200 metres can be achieved.

Whether your layout is bespoke to and unique to your industry, or your requirements demand steel and another material, we can work to create a suitable solution.
A steel barn can be tailored to suit a residential property as a large garage, or even be adapted to suit rural applications such as horse stables, machinery storage and workshops.
Our industry-leading shed design system allows the dimensions of your barn to be adjusted in terms of span, length and height.
This creates the traditional barn style that you see dotted across the New South Wales outback. The result of this is a barn that has a streamlined roof, which offers a unique and attractive building.
You also have the option to nominate your preferred sheeting profile, including finishing the building in COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel. Alternatively, submit an online quote request and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly. Our sheds and garages come in a huge variety of colours and sizes, making them versatile and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.
We work hard to ensure every customer receives the shed or garage that suit their needs, at the best possible price. Call Paul today on 1800 764 764 to discuss your requirements and obtain an obligation-free quote.
Regardless of the size and scope of your industrial building needs, our team will work with you to ensure that a steel building solution is achieved. Our pre-engineered designs meet and often surpass Australia’s strict building standards, as well as be certified by ShedSafe. We also offers a variety of optional extras that can ensure the functionality you require for your warehousing, factory space, workshop or office can be achieved. A range of optional extras can also be incorporated into the building design to increase functionality and aesthetics.
Offering plenty of storage space, many of our Sydney customers go so far as adding mezzanine flooring to the design, to maximise the available storage space. We design, manufacture and construct a wide variety of products including stables, storage sheds, and garages, throughout Penrith and all over Sydney.
A mezzanine level is a great place to store infrequently used equipment and tools, as well as over flowing household items.

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