Building a garden shed on a slope

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Once in a while we like to stop by a year or so after we build a shed to see what the new owners have done with their landscaping.
August 22, 2007Wall building proves a slow process, but the shed begins to show itself as a worthy addition to Three Dog Lodge.
This is a wonderfully creative structure in that it is compact yet has a timeless design that could fit in anywhere. This is very good at showing how traditional design aesthetics and methods look in smaller scale. They need the tools and supplies to maintain the yard, not just to have stuff lying around for the sake of owning stuff. However, it is so annoying to come to the comments section and find people judging what others do.
I say enjoy the pictures for what they’re worth and the spirit in which they were shared or go spew your vitriol elsewhere.
It was recently featured on the Fine Homebuilding website and I thought you would enjoy it too.

It would take very little to tweak this into a full use tiny house and you wouldn’t need to make it much bigger either.
Were they getting crowded out by the 3 different panini machines or did the lawnmower keep mom’s suburban from fitting in there?
It’s a workspace (note the sink)where you can also dream about the garden or whatever strikes your fancy. The french double doors let it lots of light and the cedar shakes add a lovely country charm. The downstairs is designed as a working garden shed and the upstairs has a little retreat with two beds. If their formal garden gives them pleasure it also provides habitat for a lot of bug and animal life.
David Edrington used Google SketchUp to design the garden shed and than had a contractor build it. Careful on that first step out of bed in the morning though, might not like the tumble down those stairs!

Besides grass doesn’t feed anyone and gets a lot of good water wasted on it where I live. If they like spontaneously hanging out in their little cottage in the garden isn’t that better than buying a chunk of land somewhere they have to drive to and which removes more land from the wild instead of using already existing urban real estate?
Dismissing the logical path that gets one to this point is foolhardy and then to applaud the aesthetic of such a lie proves a deliberate choice to ignore reality. You could possibly be judged by the person who has only two?Are you open to being judged for your extravagance by the person who lives in a tent?

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