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This is our smaller, more affordable, solid wood, natural tongue and grove northern pine shed. If you are in need of some extra storage space, but you also want something unique to decorate your backyard with, this shed has all that you are looking for: natural wood, modern design, and an inviting interior. The smell of slow growth Northern pine will give you a cottage feel to this well crafted garden shed. Our quality built saltbox style shed includes 2 great windows, this will allow wonderful natural light to come in.  The windows make this unit great for a potting shed, a tool shed, a workshop, or just a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors!
Let us help you build your Dream Garden and add value to your property, with one of our classic style garden sheds!! With several styles and sizes to choose from, our shed kits or prebuilt units are great for, a tool shed, outdoor storage, or a potting shed.
Our special buy series of buildings are extremely limited because of restrained access to the materials needed to construct them. Get all the garden tools out from your basement and garage and into this large designated area.

The cozy interior and extra large glass doors and windows let in plenty of light and create a great area for crafting or other hobbies. The cozy interior and extra large glass doors and windows let in plenty of light for crafting and other hobbies.
For the low price you will open up long forgotten areas of your house and finally have a private work area just for you.
The Wales garden shed is equipped with large doors for easy access, two windows to let in a lot of sunlight, and a long canopy perfect for a veranda, so you can spend time inside and out. Also, because of greater visibility of the inside from the outside this shed is a perfect playhouse for your kids. The natural wood, modern design, and an inviting interior will make the perfect pool house or garden shed. While these buildings are still made with the same quality craftsmanship they are not included in our catalog.
You can use plywood or natural wood boards which you can purchase at your local home improvement store.

The design of this shed makes for not only a useful storage facility but also as a decorative center piece of your yard.
The quality of the non-mix lumber is seen by dominantly knot free and tight angular rings that ensure the structure’s density. If you are looking for a modern shed, pool house or the best looking structure for your backyard – this is your answer. The double door creates a 4' W x 6' H opening and comes with large hinges and a locking latch.

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