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July 4, 2013 by Jen Stanbrook 8 Comments Thanks to this Guest Post I am dreaming of log cabins, summerhouses and escaping to a hideaway in the garden. While it would be fantastic to be able to enjoy our gardens all year round, the truth is that for most of us, for several months of the year, all we can do is look out through the window at the cold and rain. As already mentioned, there’s nothing better than enjoying the summer sun in your garden, though it is nice to have some shade. If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ll want to have somewhere to pot your plants, and store your equipment. If you’ve got the room, then having a swimming pool, hot tub or sauna in your garden is the ultimate luxury.
If you need a home office, then a wooden cabin is one of the very best solutions you’ve got. There are lots of different things that you can do with a garden building, and you don’t even need a huge amount of space to have one. Oh I would so love any of these, I’m sure I would use the exercise machine if it was in a garden room, instead of our dingy garage! Such a lovely garden building it feels wrong to call it a shed I would love this in my garden. Hi, I'm Jen, an interiors writer and blogger showcasing great design and style for a family home. Sign up to the Love Chic Living newsletter to receive all the latest interiors news, giveaways, best buys and more. Jen Stanbrook is an interiors writer, blogger and presenter, with an insatiable love of all things home.
Once you are ready to order an Oeco garden office, room, studio, lodge, pod or soundproof music room please take the time to read the information below to fully understand the process and basic requirements necessary for the successful installation of our garden buildings. All our prices include the complete on site installation by our own employed professional construction teams from foundations to internal electrics. Each Oeco garden structure is typically installed within 5-7 working days (dependent upon size) and normally without the need for planning permission. The vast majority of our structures are installed under the governments permitted development rules. Planning permission would be required for those customers living in A National Park, An Area of Outstanding Beauty, A Conservation Area, The Broads and A World Heritage Site. Garden LodgeApex pitch roof 4m high structures (any size) must be located at least 2m from any boundary.
Our standard prices include the cost of installing a concrete pile foundation system which is suitable in 95% of all installations. Our installation teams will need parking at the property for at least one, and normally two large vans. Once you have decided upon the structure size, design style, type of doors and windows and any additional options required please contact us to place your order.
The installation team will normally arrive at your location in the afternoon on the first day.
On the first day the team will discuss the exact positioning of the room, unload the necessary materials to the site are and start to prepare and install the concrete pile foundations.
Our joiners and installation teams are very experienced at constructing all sizes of garden rooms, offices, studios, lodges, pods and music rooms.
Our on-site construction process is very bespoke in that you will be able to choose the exact location and position of any doors, fixed glass panels, windows, electrical sockets, lighting, switches and any additional options such as internal walls, partitions and doors. Once completed our installation team will tidy and clean the garden structure and remove any debris and excess materials from site. We often wonder about the benefits of indoor hydroponic gardening, given that the sun is free. The Garden Shed features a gable roof and walls over 6? feet tall to provide ample space for storing garden tools and implements.
8x129612x1214414x1622416x2032010x1212012x1619214x2028016x2438410x1616012x2024014x2433616x2844810x2020012x2428814x2839216x3251212x2833614x3244816x3657612x3238414x3650416x4064012x4048014x40560Choose Roofing & Siding Colors! By Lori Mendoza Special to The Oregonian Garden sheds used to be dank, dusty outbuildings designed solely to store lawn mowers, hoses, tools and pots.
We've seen many great sheds as we've toured area gardens -- and we've shown many of them on the pages of HGNW.
Clearly it was time to do some serious reporting and find out what other gems were out there.
With 87 examples to choose from, we had a hard time culling our selections to the 10 that represented the various styles. But at the end of the story, keep on scrolling and you'll find photos of more sheds we love. This cobblestone and cedar-shake shed, built by Dene Byers, then a 75-year-old retired mason, is the work center for Eckerdt's two-acre garden. With heat from a wood stove and daylight from six skylights, Eckerdt can make the most of cool and warm days. Bob drew inspiration from the classic state-park structures and started with a stone-covered foundation. The Steels learned a lesson when they sold their Portland home and the buyers insisted on keeping the greenhouse.

Joni's cactus collection "thrives in its new home -- in our very non-desertlike climate," says Barry. Beams salvaged from a burned-out factory became the bones of this octagonal garden shed that is often mistaken for a yurt or a spa enclosure.
Kilgore's son-in-law, Joe Hanks of Beaverton, helped design and build the structure, using the front door from her old farmhouse and constructing the porch rail from old fence posts and copper plumbing pipe. The garden shed, made from found architectural objects, mimics the architectural details of Willette's century-old home.
Behind mismatched doors, shelves are home to garden tools and provide shelter for a lawn mower and a power washer. The prizewinner is made from recycled materials, including 11 matching double-hung windows, three doors from friends and a concrete laundry tub for potting. After adding a pond and waterfall to their backyard, the McCoys decided their metal garden shed just wouldn't do. It was a bit of a challenge to find a waterproof material to use on the exterior walls that would have a rice-paper look.
Tina wanted a garden shed to store her tools, provide shelter for her seedlings and look like an extension of her house. The Rollinses needed a place to store gardening tools and supplies -- and they needed a garage for a garden railroad that's under construction. Roger designed it all, from the basic dimensions to the leaded-glass windows, traditional-style hardware and staggered-shake roof that mimics the roof of their home. Carter knew the Tudor-style home she bought eight years ago needed a unique garden shed that would do justice to its manicured English gardens.
She persuaded Cargo to sell the panels, and garden designer Dave Jensen, of Acorn Solutions, helped her come up with a design. When Linda sets out to work in her garden shed, her many windows allow her to feel as if she's still outdoors but protected from Hood River winds. The shed also helps unleash the imagination of the couple's 6-year-old granddaughter, Madison. Our collection of storage shed includes a variety of types of sheds from garden sheds to children’s playhouses all with great style and a size just perfect for you and your family.
Tags: Bennett Buildings Storage Sheds, garden storage shed, garden storage sheds, playhouse storage sheds, Premier Storage Sheds, sheds, storage shed, storage sheds. Our collection of storage shed includes a variety of types of sheds from cedar garden sheds to children’s playhouses all with great style and a size just perfect for you and your family.
The Bennett A Frame Boxed Eave Utility Carports delivers protection from sun, rain, snow and provide the extra storage space needed. Bennett Building Systems storage sheds are designed to give customers the additional space they need. A Name You Can Trust!Thank you for your interest in Bennett Buildings Factory Direct website.
An outdoor workout cabin could be exactly what you need; free of distractions and with your own garden to admire.
Choose a wooden hut with plenty of windows, and you’ll have a beautiful place to sit and relax.
Sheds are OK for storage, but they are too dark to work in effectively, and are generally unsuitable to fit with electricity. It’s too cold to swim outdoors for most of the year, but in a garden building, you’re sheltered and warm. I’m not sure I’d use the exercise machine even it was in a gorgeous summerhouse! Depending on the size of your home, exercise equipment can end up taking up way too much space.
What more can you ask for than a bright sunny day with light filling the windows that help grow your plants? Notify me of new posts by email.This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. In brief the building must normally be installed in the rear garden and must not take up more than 50% of your total garden area. In order to construct your new garden room on site we need the construction area to be clear of any sheds, trees, rocks and shrubs etc.
If the ground area comprises mainly of deep soft, sandy or top soil customers will have to provide a concrete base or slab prior to the installation.
We cannot transfer materials through a house, or through a very tight alleyway which twists and turns or has a height restriction of 2m or less. Please note this is a fully 100% refundable deposit should you cancel the order prior to the installation date. The teams will then be booked into local accommodation and arrive early each subsequent morning. They will ask you to inspect the garden building and check all aspects before leaving the site.
Our qualified electrician will then call to test the internal electrics and provide an electrical certificate in readiness for your local electrician to connect a supply from your house to the consumer unit inside the garden building. After all, Illegal hydroponic installations are often discovered by their abnormally high electricity use.

The Garden Shed comes standard with 6-foot side-loading, locking wooden doors* that allow easy access for lawn tractors, four-wheelers, and other large items. In fact, there were so many, we decided that creating unique sheds had become something of a Northwest pastime. Turns out that wasn't necessary; with a small notice in a single HGNW issue -- headlined, "Show us your sheds" -- we got more material than we could use. But it's the interior touches -- pots transformed into light fixtures and a mosaic design on the floor -- that make it stand out. Door handles made from a garden fork and a cement trowel keep the focus where Eckerdt wants it: on the garden. Then a stained-glass window picked up at a garage sale years earlier caused the plan to take an elegant turn. He used windows they already had, glass panels from a local recycling center, and a discarded Dutch door and oak arched windows from friends. On the other side of the shed, wood stored behind a vertical green shutter stays dry for the fireplace. And even though it's not complete, it has already won a $500 prize from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Eventually they found opaque fiberglass panels at a local store, and John made wood grids, painted them black and tacked them to the frames. After the shed was finished, Tina surprised Nathan with an ecoroof planted with succulents for his birthday. Finally, after Roger retired, he finished the miniature version of their English Country-style home.
It had been severely damaged by the 1962 Columbus Day storm and it was time to get rid of it. The beautifully weathered 12-inch rough-cut loft planks from the old barn became the flooring and siding. David built the shed from bits and pieces of scrap collected over the years, including seasoned wood from an old barn. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. Our quality storage sheds allow you to create displays on each side of your shed for lots of visual appeal. 1 grade wall construction, insulated out-swing doors, electrical in commercial conduit, overhead lights with switches and receptacles by size and series.
The 18 foot width comfortably fits two compact cars with room to open the doors and grab your groceries or get the kids out of the car. Our products are ready for same day use and are delivered to our customers completely assembled.
Our company is backed by the financial strength of Bennett International Group and led by Danny Lowry, President. You can be in your garden whenever you like, sheltered from the elements, complete with electricity.
Tunstall Garden Buildings can make bespoke installations if you’re looking for something like this.
You can have electricity, a phone line and the internet all fitted so that everything you need is there. If you have the right windows you can also enjoy the outdoors while being in your own climate controlled environment for working out. Single pitch roof 2.5m high structures over 15m2 (Above 5m x 3m) are required to be sited at least 1m from any boundary. The ground on which the structure is to be built must be relatively firm and not slope more than a foot within the dimensions of the building.
Our fitters will be booked into local accommodation during the construction process and will stay with you until the structure is completed. Once the deposit has been paid a receipt and order confirmation complete with an installation start date will be provided.
Last month Sami introduced us to the Omega Garden system; looking at it a bit more closely I wonder, can it make high tech urban gardening economically feasible and actually more energy efficient than growing outdoors?But Vancouver based Omega Garden's Carousel system rotates the plants around the bulb. The Garden Shed also includes a 2’x3’ window that provides natural light and a special coziness that is perfect for the yard and garden! In the summer, the shed -- with its stained-glass window and candle chandelier -- doubles as a wine bar for garden parties. They claim that it yields three to five times the weight of plant per watt of electricity used, compared to conventional flat systems.
Available in widths of 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’ and lengths ranging from 12’ to 40’, the Garden Shed can be customized with additional windows, door styles and sizes, and taller walls to best suit your needs. Omega Garden discovered that if plants are continually rotated horizontally top to bottom these Auxins are evenly distributed throughout the plant aiding in plant growth and strength.The distribution of Auxins due to plant rotation increases plant growth rates by several times that of a stationary plant assuming that all other factors are equal.

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