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Question submitted in May: "I stumbled on your website when I was doing a little wedding research.
Hi Rod, On behalf of my son and I, thank you again for giving so freely of your time and advice. Dear Rod, I just wanted to thank you so much for publishing the ideas on your website for building a simple garden bridge using 2" by 12" by 12 ft long stringers. Here it is May 7th, 2009 and I built a new 8 foot bridge for our pond from these wonderful plans I found on your site. This gallery shows a small sample of our flat-style garden bridges, which are very popular among customers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Garden Bridge specialise in the manufacturing and selling of quality pedestrian and light vehicle bridges, for a multitude of applications and uses. These include flat bridges, arched and koi pond bridges that are suitable for pedestrian use, and look great, enhancing a garden or space. We have an extensive range of foot bridges to buy online all with Free Delivery to mainland UK and prices starting from £109. Browse our on-line catalogue of bridges for gardens, and purchase, all in our easy to use website. While, I’m not sure if the show tune “Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music is considered a Christmas song, they certainly play it a lot this time of year.  It makes sense, after all, some of her favorite things are warm woolen mittens, sleigh bells, brown paper packages tied up with strings, and snow flakes that stay on noses and eyelashes.
The modern equivalent of brown paper packages, our heaps of expensive wrapping paper with bright colored ribbon, have all been thrown out with the leftover green bean casserole that no one was going to reheat.  So today, especially, this tune struck me for its simplicity of enjoyment.  Is it possible for working, parenting, frantic adults to truly appreciate warm woolen mittens?
Garden bridges used to be reserved for those lucky enough to have koi ponds, water gardens, and other aquatic features.  But, the rise in outdoor living and those investing in their own backyard-vacation spots has created opportunities for garden bridges to make appearances across the nation.
Garden bridges can also turn a low or unsightly section of your lawn into a beautiful spot. Whatever you do, many sure you properly measure the section to get the right size.  Plus, invest in stainless steel hardware as it is guaranteed not to rust or corrode when exposed to moisture.
It’s important to think about how your bridge will be used.  Is it for decoration only or do you expect heavy foot traffic?  If meant to be an asset to your garden, what kinds of plants are you planning to use around the bridge? A garden bridge is an important and fantastic addition to any garden or outdoor space.  Considering materials, styles, uses, and placement will ensure that you get the most out of it!
We’re quickly approaching the darkest time of the season.  After all, the Winter Solstice, or the darkest day of the year, is only two months away. The options for outdoor lighting don’t need to be concentrated in fancy outdoor chandeliers and porch lamps. Not only does outdoor lighting make your mornings and evenings a little less dreary, it also adds valuable curb appeal.  Especially if you’re planning to open your front door to trick or treaters, having outdoor lighting to help guide them will keep little ones safer and the whole evening more fun!
Autumn is the perfect time to consider outdoor lighting for your home.  Whether it is for your own views, the joys of passersby, or the ghosts and goblins trotting up your walkway, outdoor lighting is an affordable way to add cheerful curb appeal to your home and garden.
If you have been thinking of adding a backyard structure to your landscape, but are not sure what direction to take, allow me to suggest the emulation of a Japanese Tea House. A Japanese Tea House is a wonderful endeavor if you’re looking to create an outdoor space that acts as a secluded oasis of relaxation.  And even if you’re not interested in such a large backyard project, using some of these simple techniques will help to bring Far Eastern harmony to your outdoor living area. If you think I’m about to suggest you call one of those expensive landscape lighting companies to empty your bank account… you’re on the wrong track!  As outdoor rooms become, at once, the most sought after vacation spots and poured over designer spaces… outdoor lighting has become more fashionable and more affordable than ever. But you’re no lighting expert.  With so many options available, how do you pick which kinds of outdoor lighting options are best for you?  We’re always here to help! Outdoor Table and Floor Lamps: For those who favor ambient lighting instead of overhead lighting, but still want the comfortable appeal of indoor-style lighting, outdoor table lamps paired with outdoor floor lamps might be your best bet!  Available in nearly as many styles as indoor lighting, you can certainly stick with your design scheme while creating your lighting scheme!
So, while the sun is a plenty beautiful and certainly functional lighting element during the day, you definitely have your options cut out for you when it comes to keeping the party lit after the sun has gone to sleep.  I suggest mixing and matching, keeping your options open, and always making sure you can see the faces of the family and friends creating those wonderful summer memories!

So, how do you avoid this plight?  Experts have shown that meditation can aid in the recovery and prevention of both mental and physical ailments.  Deep breathing, relaxation, and reflection time are all critical to our overall health.  Perhaps this spring is the season you turn it all around by creating an outdoor meditation area to keep your spirits bright all year ‘round! We’ve traveled to Tuscany and Japan, but if you still haven’t found the perfect setting for your outdoor room, we have plenty of frequent flyer miles! Traveling abroad is a fantastic experience.  But, investing in your outdoor spaces will provide years and years of endless vacations for your family and friends, while helping to increase your property values.  Travel to France all summer long in your chic Parisian outdoor room! Well, make that most of the choices.  Actually, there are still many who don’t realize that, right in their very own backyards, they can have one of the most enchanting structures ever to adorn the countryside – a covered bridge. Now associated with bygone days, there are relatively few of them left, scattered across the nation.  Nevertheless, the ones that do remain are highly cherished, as, every year, millions of people drive hundreds, and even thousands, of miles just to see them.
To conjure the perception of space, larger rocks may be set in the foreground, with others, of descending sizes, placed ever-nearer the background.   The same principle is applied to the plants, with the bigger, brightly-colored ones standing front-and-center, and the smaller, more delicate ones behind them, seeming to fade into the distance.
Actually, it may be ideal, having a Japanese garden near the space where you have all of your outdoor parties.  That way, you can preserve your wild, Western ways, then go East for some quiet meditation when things get too rowdy.  Now that’s what I call having the best of both worlds! With your help, I was able to spend some quality time with my five year old son working on a project this past spring.
I got my arch by placing small nails three inches up on each end of the 12 ft long board and one nail at the edge of the board in the middle and then bending a piece of 12 ft long 1" by 1" molding under the two end nails and over the top middle nail. Our one-year anniversary is just around the corner, and I wanted to send you a few pictures from our wonderful day. I built my bridge over this past summer and I wanted to show you and maybe you can use my photos to further promote your web site. I found all sorts of bridges on my internet search, and this was by far the simplest and prettiest! Your tireless response to a first-timer questions and the level of detail was just incredible. My daughter and I purchased the materials on a Saturday morning and had the bridge finished in place on Sunday evening.
Flat garden bridges can also be reinforced so as to be used by those customers who seek to cross the bridge by horse or ride-on lawnmowers. I spend my days dreaming of the end of the dark and frigid weather necessitating those warm woolen mittens.
Bridges without rails, often called plank bridges, give an un-fussy low-profile place to cross.  While picket and spindle bridges and high arch bridges are more dramatic. Most importantly—have fun, be creative, and create something beautiful to revitalize your backyard! Coming home to a dark landscape or waking up to a gloomy porch can be disheartening.  But, adding outdoor lamps can brighten up the area outside your home.
If creating a seating room instead of a dining area, don’t be afraid to use low-to-the-ground outdoor coffee tables to reflect traditional chabudai. A long line of post cap lights across an entire porch or backyard structure will likely provide enough light for a party or get together.  Though, if you wanted to use lighting to highlight a certain spot, like the outdoor dining set, you’ll want to augment this lighting option with accent or hanging outdoor lights.
Plus (of course), a lot of modern outdoor ceiling fans now feature light options as well.  Perfect over your picnic table, you can simply flip on the light to illuminate your evening meal or midnight snack!
Today, we’re designing a Parisian outdoor room inspired by the quaint and stylish bistros lining the streets of Paris’s chicest districts. If you would use a sitting room more than a dining space, wicker rocking chairs, patio chairs, and even chaise lounges pulled around a coffee table will create soft closeness.  While, high bar stools and bistro sets provide elegant dining spaces for cheese tasting and wine sipping! My fiance is a manufacturing engineer so he was looking into building one, but as we have no experience with building bridges and on your page it looked like people were allowed to ask questions I figured I would give it a shot. The folks down at Parks were visibly moved by this Eagle project and the children at play couldn't wait to cross over. Yes, if you are using Redwood you should seal your bridge, especially since you live in Co.

Your easy to understand instructions enabled me to construct a beautiful 8 foot garden bridge to go with our newly landscaped yard.
I built the 8 foot bridge out of treated 2x12x8 (2) and deck planking cut to a width of 30". If anyone is interested in getting an impecable footbridge for any occasion, I can't think of a more competent and nicer craftman to contact than you. Paired with other favorite things that span seasons, like whiskers on kittens, crisp apple strudels, and wild geese, I found myself particularly struck by the simplicity of all of her favorite things. Will the cheerful sound of sleigh bells ever catch your attention as quickly as the ringing tone your smart phone makes when you get an email? Knowing, exactly, what you hope to get out of your garden bridge will aid in the selection process. Don’t hesitate to throw some outdoor furniture cushions around the table for an afternoon tea, as well. When your eyes close, you can always just imagine you’re withdrawing to your beach retreat! For larger bridges use our contact form or call us and we will get back to you, usually within 48 hours.
It's just a one day thing so we are wanting to build a safe bridge for walking and picture taking, but don't want to break the bank. You could also use Olympic Maximum clear coat sealer( blue can) You could also use something a bit better like Helmsman spar urethane, by Minwax which is an exterior varnish. Because of your simple and easy to follow instructions I was able to complete this task in a little over a day. It was planned (and built accordingly) to be somewhat temporary, but my father-in-law has kept it up ever since the wedding.
The supplies for the bridge, with 4 sets of posts and rope cost under $100 (that makes my labor worth about 5 cents an hour.
I also used a product commonly called bitchathane or something like that which is a rubberized sticky thin membrane which I put on the tops of the stringers before screwing down the treads. This is supposed to act as a gasket between the treads and the stringers and adheres to the screws to help stop water damage. I am in the process of re-doing my Japanese Garden, the former owners of my house took the original bridge and for years had no bridge until I seen your web site and instructions.
It is the most expensive at about 80.00 per gallon but is environmentally safe and great for redwood. My Japanese garden looked so bare, Now with the bridge next to my pond, it looks more complete. I found pressure treated fancy turned deck posts at Home Depot and drilled 2" holes in the tops and halfway down for railings. I never would have been able to do this without the inspiration and picture that you provided on your website.
I really did worry about pulling you away from work, but you were so kind about sharing your knowledge that it did put me at ease. I have included a few pictures for you from a series of pictures that I did all along through the building process.

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