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The top was bookmatched by slicing the slabs by hand, and hand planing them flat with a rubbed joint. The style of this piece seems a little dated now, but it represents the beginning of a hobby that has now turned into a profession. Coffee table of Goncalo Alves and Macacauba inlaid with Macassar Ebony, Cocobolo, Macacauba and Goncalo Alves.Base joined with pinned bridal joints and wedged through tenons. This live edge ash coffee table is from a tree taken down some fifteen years ago when we built our house.

Lobby built this coffee table as an assignment in the Distance Mastery Program at Gary Rogowski’s Northwest Woodworking Studio. This elliptical coffee table and matching demilune end table was Spomer's first full veneer project after buying a veneer press. Lobby wanted to design a strong table with an airy feel, so he used narrow cross-stretchers to float the light maple top over the darker mahogany base and also added swirly ebony keys.
The cracks add texture and remind us that this is a great product of nature, not a piece of manmade material.

This table was featured in an article Doug Mooberry wrote for  August 2009 Fine Woodworking magazine on how to work with large slabs of solid wood.

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