Building a garden shed on a slope

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StorMor Sheds can build a customized outdoor storage building according to your custom shed design.
Denco builds pre-fabricated garages in sizes of up to 12A?x 36A?, and in your choice of design. The customer is responsible for site preparation, ground levelling, any base installation, and obtaining local building permits or any other permissions. Denco delivers across Ontario, and manages escort and permit issues for any oversize sheds.

When necessary, we have the placement tools to hand place your shed, minimizing yard damage. With years of manufacturing experience, Stor Mor has found that customizing sheds to the specific wants, needs and desires of customers is a perfect recipe for success.
From Pool-side Cabanas to simple Saltboxes, and from Playhouses to The Cottages, there's a shed that meets your needs.
Choose from a wide variety of basic plans and common features, and remember, all sheds can be customized to your personal specifications.

Each custom storage shed project still comes with StorMor Sheds' commitment to complete customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

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