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As compared to light constructions, a brick house will store the heat and radiate it slowly during the night.
A brick house will also have a better sound insulation, as compared to timber frame constructions. Building a brick house by yourself is impossible in most of the cases, as the amount on work needed is over your physical capacity. Smart tip: Building a house with bricks and concrete has many advantages over the timber frame system. Work with great care and with good judgement, as to get the job done in a professional manner. If you cannot handle these procedures by yourself, you should hire a qualified team of builders.
The Pvc windows come in a large variety of shapes, colors and designs, so that you can choose the one which fit your needs and tastes best. Smart tip: From our experience, we recommend you to mark the location of the electric cables and pipes in a notebook, to avoid accidents when driving in screws to the walls (hanging a picture or a cabinet).
Step 20: After you have applied the texture paint on the polystyrene insulation, you should dissemble the scaffolding and continue the work by installing the front door and the interior doors.
Remember that a brick house has many advantages as compared to light constructions, but you have to put a lot of effort in order to obtain a great result. If you can afford, we recommend you to pour a thin layer of self leveling screed to make the floor perfectly horizontal. Thank you for reading our article on how to build a brick house and we recommend you to check out the rest of our project.
The construction of a brick house will take a longer period of time, as there are certain steps which cannot be postponed or done faster. A brick house will be the most resistant against floods, winds and earthquakes, if it is built properly. We recommend you to study these aspects thoroughly, before purchasing the bricks, as to satisfy your needs.
In order to lay the bricks when constructing the walls, you have to glue them by using a brick mortar. In most of the cases, in order to prepare the brick mortar, you have to mix thoroughly 3 parts cement with 5 parts sharp sand, but it is always better to read the instructions labeled on the bags.
First of all, you have to move the bricks on the foundation, as to be easier to construct the walls (they will be very close to the walls and you will save time). Smart Tip: In the case of a brick house construction, make sure you build concrete pillars at the intersection of all walls. In order to lay the bricks, you have to set one at the beginning of the row and another at the end of the row.
When constructing the next rows of bricks, you have to proceed in the same manner, moving the string up each time. Use a rubber hammer to set the bricks into the right position and use a spirit level to check their alignment. It is essential to use a spirit level, to make sure the wall is perfectly plumb, otherwise you will spend more money when applying plaster.
Smart Tip: If the outside temperature is high, we recommend you to water the bricks before laying them into position. In addition, when constructing a brick house, you need to build a lintel beam above the door and window openings. After you have built the walls, you have to set the forms, as to pour the concrete pillars.
If you choose to build the form by yourself, you have to use construction wire to lock it into position, as you can see in the image. Smart Tip: Use high-quality boards, without holes or cracks, otherwise the cement will drip through the form.
The wire will hold the whole form locked tightly, as to prevent the concrete from moving the wooden boards off their position. Larger pillars need to be reinforced even tighter, therefore we recommend you to secure them by using large kickers. After a week, you can remove the wooden forms, as to start installing the formwork for the concrete ceiling. As you can see the, construction of a brick house is not as difficult as it might look, provided you use the right techniques and materials.
Afterwards, you should install the reinforcing structure (according to your house plans) and pour concrete in the form. After you have finished constructing the foundation, the brick walls and the roof, you have to install the exterior insulation (polystyrene sheets) and to cement render the interior walls.
Check out the rest of our projects related to constructing a brick house and you will find all the information necessary to complete your home, starting with foundation tips up to applying plaster or paint. Thank you for reading our article about brick house construction and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. So you’ve decided to use your tax return toward creating a beautiful oasis in your backyard. Obstructions: Is there anything that needs to be taken down or moved (such as an existing deck or large tree) in order to begin the install?
If you have further questions about the cost of installing your patio, BLC Yardworks would be happy to talk with you about your project. Building a brick house has many advantages as compared to timber frame homes, as it is more resistant to fire, floods and storms. Therefore, due to its unique features a brick house will be easier to maintain and you will spend less money on the heating bills.
The concrete floors and the brick walls just stop the sounds better than drywall partitions do. Nevertheless, you can decrease the labor costs if you carry out some task by yourself, such as supervising the workers and making sure the construction process goes smoothly.

A brick house needs a sturdy foundation, therefore you have to dig deep trenches and install a rigid structure of reinforcing bars. If you want to keep costs as low as possible, you could mix the concrete by yourself with a power mixer.
Nevertheless, you should leave it for about one week and then you can build the brick walls. In this manner, the concrete stairs will bond to the ceiling and increase the rigidity of your house. Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb and a tape measure to check if the measurements are accurate. As you can see in the image, you need to install a dense net of rebars and beams over the walls. Next, you have to fasten wooden boards to the beams, making sure they are in great condition (they should not be cracked, curved or chipped). From our experience, we can assert that building a brick house is not an easy job especially if you don’t have any expertise in the field. Each of these approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages (the metal shingles are more durable), but you should choose the one which fits you needs and budget. If you don’t like their aspect, you could install pricier windows, with a more exquisite look. Create grooves in the brick walls and fit the electric cables and the water pipes inside them.
Use a power mixer to prepare cement render and cover the walls till you obtain a nice finish.
The installation of polystyrene sheets will improve the thermal insulation of your house, while keeping costs under control. Therefore, you have to use the right mix of concrete for each job, follow the plans and take accurate measurements. Screeding a floor is not difficult if you use a straight edge and a large level, to make sure the floor is perfectly horizontal. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. Building a brick house is an ancient technique used with great success in Europe and improved during the past years. Therefore, the foundation will be more expensive as compared to other construction systems, as it needs to support more weight (the brick walls, the concrete ceiling, the pillars).
Therefore, a two-story house with an average surface, will take about 3 months to be completed and about 3-6 months to apply the finishes and utilities. We recommend you to hire an architect specialized in building brick houses and to contract a team of builders, with great expertise in this field.
Therefore, you have to lay it on the construction site and dig the trenches, by using an excavator or shovels. These procedures are very  important for the durability of your house, therefore we recommend you to hire a qualified contractor to supervise the workers. This aspect is essential, as they have to bond the walls together and support the concrete ceiling.
Then, use a string on the exterior side of the wall, as to guide you when laying the rest of the bricks. Make sure the brick rows are straight, by using a string attached at the both eds of the row.
You should notice the brick pattern (the stretcher bond), which is used to build a rigid and durable wall. We recommend you to mix small quantities of mortar, preferably in a wheelbarrow, otherwise it might dry out until you are able to use it.
Therefore, you have to read carefully the house plans, measure the wall and build the window opening properly.
This is again an ancient technique, used for centuries, as to reinforce the top of a window or door opening. Measure attentively the walls, as to make sure their layout matches the architectural plans. This step is essential for your projects, as the pillars will reinforce the whole structure.
In addition, you have to use a spirit level, as to make sure the pillar forms are perfectly plumb on all sides. If pillars are wide, the it would be better to also use wide wooden boards, as to have less joints. Consequently, as we have already said, you have to tie the form together tightly, by using thick wire and a construction hammer. After you remove the forms, you should check attentively the pillars, as to make sure there are no cracks or pockets of air, which could affect the house structure. If you afford to use the best materials, you can get the job done quicker and get a higher insulation coefficient. This procedure is complex and you have to put a lot of work and effort to make sure things will go smoothly. From our experience, we think it is better to order the needed amount of concrete from your local concrete company rather than mixing it by yourself. Constructing a concrete house is not difficult, but you have to use quality materials and have a qualified team of builders, with expertise in this field.
Don’t forget to Like our articles and share them with your friends, by using the social media widgets. You want to start by putting in a brick paver patio but you aren’t exactly sure how much it will cost. You’ve already begun your research, so your spring and summer oasis is just around the corner! In addition, the brick houses have a better thermal efficiency as the large bricks store the heat and then radiate it slowly into the rooms during the cold winter nights.

In addition, if you choose to insulate the walls with polystyrene sheets, you will increase the thermal efficiency of your bricks house. Although building brick partitions might be more expensive and time consuming as compared to timber frames, it pays off the investment if you like privacy. Before building the concrete foundation, you have to thoroughly prepare the site, by cleaning the plant material. We recommend you to read as much as possible about building a brick house before starting the project, as you will avoid many costly mistakes. This aspects might look minor, but we can assure you they make the difference on the long run.
Consult a qualified structural engineer to determine the depth of the footings (according to the soil structure) and the needed amount of rebars.
Nevertheless, it will take longer and the concrete wouldn’t have the same quality as the one from your local company (they add special additives to enhance the concrete rigidity). After you have lain six rows of bricks, you should use metal ties to secure the wall to the pillars.
If you can afford, we recommend you to rent adjustable metal posts, as they will secure the ceiling formwork better. Use the right mix of concrete for every job, otherwise the foundation and the ceiling might crack over time. In addition, we recommend you to place a plastic foil under the reinforcing structure, otherwise the concrete juice would leak through the gaps between the wooden boards.
Take accurate measurements and follow the plans, otherwise you would spend a great amount of money to fix the issues. From our experience, we recommend you to install Pvc windows, as they are very durable, easy to maintain and insulate your house properly.
There are cases in which you could apply the plaster directly over the brick walls, but in most of the cases it is advisable to cement render the walls first.
If you use quality and efficient bricks, there are situations in which you don’t have to add the insulation layer, but in most of the cases the polystyrene sheets will decrease the heating costs during winter by 30-50%. In most of the cases, the layer of screed should be around 2”, as to cover the irregularities and the cables, but you can adjust it to fit your needs. The higher cost and poor insulation  used to be two of the main drawbacks of this construction system, but in the last 20 years the engineers have come with innovations as to mitigate these aspects. In addition, you need to install more reinforcing bars in the foundation, pillars and in the ceiling, as to bond together the walls in one rigid structure. This is one of the main drawbacks when speaking about brick house constructions, but this will pay off eventually, as its lifespan is close to 100 years. From our experience, we can assert that even if hiring the best team would cost 15% more, it worths the money up to the last penny. If the brick house is properly constructed, you will enjoy its comfort for many years, without being bothered by any issues. Several types of bricks are designed for exterior walls, while others are designed for interior walls. With the risk of repeating ourselves, we recommend you to use a spirit level, as to make sure the window openings are perfectly plumb.
In order to pour a concrete lintel, you should build formwork install a reinforcing beam and use concrete.
You can either build the forms by yourself, by using wooden boards, or to rent professional ones.
In order to lock together the interior and the exterior parts of the formwork, you have to drill a couple of pilot holes, by using an electric screwdriver. After you have poured the concrete, make sure you vibrate it with a vibrator, as to remove the air pockets. Nevertheless, the hard part of your projects is still to come, as the finises will cost more and can be time-consuming. If it’s a DIY project, make sure to do your research ahead of time to prevent future structural issues with your patio. Adding double glaze windows and a proper preparation for the cold season will further enhance your house insulation and decrease the heating costs.
If the ground water is very close to the surface of the site, you should install a drainage system, otherwise the concrete foundation will be damaged by the moist soil. In addition, it is easier to maintain a brick house as it doesn’t rotten nor it is affected by termites, as in the case of a wooden house.
This process is time consuming, but if you understand the basic techniques, you will get the job done in a professional manner. Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb. Consequently, the bricks have become bigger and more efficient from a thermic point of view, the polystyrene sheets would enhance the insulation of a brick house and the costs were decreased by automation of the raw materials plants.
Just look at houses built hundreds of years ago and you will understand the benefits of this constriction system. Most obviously, renting professional forms would be more expensive, but you will get higher quality concrete pillars. If you choose to pay for labor, make sure to hire a company with specific experience in paver patios, as hiring handymen and plumbers sometimes results in shifting pavers down the road. In terms of costs, nowadays building a brick house is very close to the construction of a timber frame home. The only thing which requires your attention is to freshen up the look of your house by applying new a coat of paint every 3-5 years. If you use the right techniques, the exterior finish will resist for many years, just make sure you use quality materials. Therefore, we think that brick house construction is an attractive option when deciding to build a new dwelling. If you build your brick house correctly, you will enjoy its conform for many years, as it will resist against windstorms and earthquakes.

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