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Before preparing small home building plans, we must have the same definition about small home term. Small home building plans generally have up to three bedrooms, less means bigger and more comfortable bedroom. Generally small home is home underĀ  1600 square feet and under 900 square feet, we call it as tiny house. No matter how many rooms you build, all functions for sleeping, cooking, doing activity and receiving guests must be run properly. Coffee table with rack, kitchen table with rack, studio day sofa with book storage are few samples.
Change home structure is serious task, you need accurate advice, unless you have building structure education background.

Small space tend to make people feelĀ  stuffy, so create entertaining room as relaxing media.
If there is big furniture you can not change with smaller furniture, then you must replace other unimportant furniture beside it. The big challenge to plan small home is creating spacious look, while about its architecture style are versatile, whether we like contemporary, classic, cottage, log house and so on can follow later.
To maximize open floor plan function, limit colors choice, maximum three colors with one primary color.
I include three small home building plans for learning process: standard small home floor plan and small modular home floor plan. Key factors: reduce obstacle eyes by removing unnecessary wall, for example borderless between living room and kitchen can create bigger impression.

It will be your guideline to discuss what you need and estimate how much does it cost later. Small home can look ordinary, luxurious and old fashioned depending on how you decorate it.

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