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SANS10400 are the Building regulations in South Africa, and both international and national standards, are fundamental to successful building and construction projects, both big and small.
This carefully designed, beautifully constructed wooden pergola looks rather grand and imposing. You can simplify the project even further by buying ready-planed timber that has been cut to size. Note that if you are going to concrete the posts into the ground, they will need to be at least 500 mm (or about 2 ft) longer, and you will need extra concrete for the footings. The first step is to set out the structure accurately to ensure that all the upright posts are correctly positioned. You can throw a concrete slab at each corner of the structure and, once it has set and hardened, you can bolt post anchor brackets to the concrete, and then bolt these to the posts. Use the router to cut a 69 mm (2? in) groove vertically in each of the 24 upright posts, where the two pieces will be joined. Note that if a variance of the 144 mm x 69 mm timber specified is used for the upright posts, the groove should match the smaller dimension of the wood. Should I build such a pergola, attached to my home, and install retractable canvass awnings, would that alter the position as to the necessity for building plans? The only thing that will affect the need for plans is whether or not it is considered to be minor building work. We are not a construction company or a design firm please contact a reliable contractor who will help you. Most importantly, attached pergolas can provide years of enjoyment to your outdoor living areas. Connect your FanBox to Facebook or Twitter & keep your friends updated with all your activity on FanBox. BUILD YOUR OWN PERGOLA (PART ONE - PLANNING) If you have a space of yard that needs shade and a bit of color provided by flowers, a pergola is a great solution. Edit If you have a space of yard that needs shade and a bit of color provided by flowers, a pergola is a great solution.
Arain M-Yaseen · Become a FanIf you have a space of yard that needs shade and a bit of color provided by flowers, a pergola is a great solution. However, while it is certainly a relatively large-scale project, involving a fair amount of timber, there are no complicated joints, and you won’t need any specialised tools. Use the sizes given in our materials list as a guide, but buy the closest dimensions if these are not available. Alternatively you can use anchor brackets that are designed to be concreted into the ground.

This will not only look attractive, but it will also create the visual impression that the rails have been inserted right through the posts, making the structure look even more solid than it is. Aluminium is not an exeption, my mother sold her house in Howick Natal recently and they made her submit plans for the aluminium shutter roof over her back stoep.
A basic one to provide patio style shade can have only two 5? square posts and still provide all the shade you need. A retired couple has a vinyl one attached to their patio at their summer lake house in Minnesota.
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In return, you will receive a free pergola plan and also be enrolled to receive a 3 week Pergola Building e-Course that will teach you everything to get you started on your own DIY pergola project.
If you have a BBQ area and want a space to sit under with herbs growing conveniently close by and candles glowing, a pergola is a great solution!
If you have a BBQ a (edit)You must enter an Ad body.If you have a space of yard that needs shade and a bit of color provided by flowers, a pergola is a great solution.
Either way, you will need to mix the cement, sand and stone together with sufficient water to make a nice pliable mix that is easy to handle. You may need to do two or three posts at a time, depending on the number of clamps you have available. She was told by the aluminium shutter supplier that she did not need plans, this was so wrong as the company might not have got the sale if she had known. What would the minimum cross beam centre’s be before our pergola was considered a carport? For instance, some friends recently bought a new construction home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Vinyl is excellent for needing minimal upkeep, especially in harsher weather conditions with a lot of moisture like rain or melting snow.
During the design phase, drawings help you test and .Being able to build your own pergola saves you money. To achieve the criss-cross effect, you need to join the two diagonals with a cross halving joint.
Then measure and mark the position of all the shorter beams Bolt the two outer beams with two coach screws at each end, where they meet the long beam. On the other hand plans were required a while ago when a house was sold in KZN and the back verandah had an aluminium louvre shutter covering that could be opened or closed with a lever.
Their adult children helped to build it, and they were very happy their parent’s chose an attached pergola!

It can be attached to a roof line at the top and then placed in the ground, on a concrete patio or on a deck.
Also remember that the dimensions of off-the-shelf rough timber are greater than timber that comes ready planed. Use the tenon saw to cut the joint, and the chisel to create a 32 mm x 22 mm (1? in x ? in) slot in the centre of each length of timber. The materials cost was lower since they needed less posts thanks to using a side of the house for support, and they were able to put it up a lot faster. They can be square, rectangular or even cut at various lengths on the roof line to appear curved. I wanted a cozy space where we could sit and enjoy a meal, as well as a space to grow some herbs, veggies, and other plant life. Note that the 32 mm x 22 mm dimension is in keeping with the size of the timber specified (32 mm x 44 mm).
The first thing they did was put up an attached pergola to provide some relief from the hot southwestern sun. There can be extensions attached to the posts to create more decorative corners with lattice work.
We have tons of mosquitoes, so I planned on planting herbs that are known to repel those pesky little jerks. They chose cedar wood for the pergola because it perfectly fit the Southwestern style of the house.
When attached to a deck, the posts also serve as railing support to create a complete fenced in deck.
Attaching it to the joists at the back of the house, they wanted to match as much as possible to the existing wood trim. I also did some research on plants that repel insects, building permits, and planting in treated wood. It may read like a book report; there is a lot of info, but I promise the next post will have more images! I hope that even if you don't plan on building a whole pergola in your yard,  maybe some of the info will apply to smaller projects you might be planning.

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