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On top of planning the construction of our Cob home, we are planning to construct a Greenhouse using free supplies.
Greenhouses allow you to extend your growing season up into the Winter, and grow your starter plants earlier in the season. Luckily at the beginning of May I have been leaving the starter plants on the front porch even at night. I may have to construct a small greenhouse by myself due to all the other upcoming projects we have. The perfect Greenhouse would be large enough to house hundreds of starter plants, and even fruit bushes and fruit trees.
Another cheap Greenhouse option is using transparent plastic with recycled wood, see below. There are of course simpler Greenhouse methods that need no construction, for example in the picture below, you can purchase a small, pre-fabricated Greenhouse at many store outlets. The cost of a 8-ft L x 6-ft W x 6-ft H Metal Polycarbonate Greenhouse at Lowe's is up to $800.
You certainly have plenty of options so now you have to decide how much time you have to build it and what you want to build it out of.
You do give many options on building a greenhouse at a fraction of the cost of going to the building supply store. I hope to have a greenhouse soon to extend my growing season, when I lived in California I could grow plants 12 months of the year and I really do miss having that available to me.
I live in Kentucky, the winters are mild but this passed winter was the worst in 30 yrs, having several feet of snow and temperatures below -20 degrees, which is rare!
I appreciate the stance on recycling, but surely it would be easier in the long run to buy one in kit form.
We have just gained a second greenhouse for our allotment, and it cost us nothing, all I had to do was remove from where it was, the house was being sold, and the owner had died, the family wanted the garden cleared. You could check the small ads, there are often greenhouse advertised in there at a fraction of the new cost. I like the small one, as much as we (my husband and I) would like to have a large greenhouse, I think our HOA would have an absolute fit if we put a large greenhouse in our backyard. Welcome to the Gardening Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything gardening related. Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. Many people like having a garden, but not that many folks take it to the next level and put up a greenhouse. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by spending time to learn about the fundamentals of greenhouse ownership. Try not to invest in a greenhouse that you won’t be able to comfortably manage because of the size.
Having a gravel floor is a great idea even though the actual greenhouse does not need a foundation. The internet is filled with DIY projects that involve the use of cheap materials, like plastic bottles. First thing you need to know about building a greenhouse out of PET bottles is you ought to enjoy working with plastic. Paying a 25 cents deposit for every bottle is one of the good ways to get back to a healthier planet.
But, we only have a 10 cent deposit on carbonated drinks like soda pop and carbonated water. Check the ocean there is a as land floating the size of Texas out there…go get it and start there. If only the greenhouse walls were where the plants were going, then you might have had a point.
Why can’t any of the links you provide actually show close ups of the cutting of the bottles and exactly where they are cut and a close up of them as they go together on the stingers? It does look like there are gaps between the vertical stacks of bottles, I imagine a chilly winter breeze would make this design impractical.
While I applaud reusing and recycling items as much as possible, if one is serious about lessening one’s footprint it would seem that simply using less would be the best response.
Lot a questions about this project… First of all, i would be worried about the weather and how long it will last.
So rather than recycle , you think that sticking the bottles together with toxic silicone and creating more waste with the silicone tubes is environmentally better ??
If you wanted something a little more sturdy you could find a way to form all of this in and pour the earth itself into the gaps between the bottles.
Think outside of the box… take your bottle, cut the cylinder of the bottle off (remove top and ottom). Plastic bottles release dioxin, BPA Bisphenol A, especially when heated by the sun and all of these chemicals has been associated with a whole host of health issues including birth defects, change in hormones, heart problems and cancer. Rhizopus Oligosporus wrote:I'm hoping to one day instal one of those window greenhouse things. I'd like one too but most of the cheaper kits available would be taller than our fence and some people in the complex have complained about sheds that are too tall so I'm sure they'd complain. I acquired recently a frame for a car port, that is basically a tent the size of a car, and I was thinking of using the pvc frame and attaching some kind of plastic to it to make a greenhouse, but I don't really know what type would be durable and cheap enough for this to work.
It might not be practical for outdoors in the winter, but a cold frame or hoop house would extend your growing season. The major benefit of building a greenhouse is it offers the gardener an extended growing period. Before beginning your job you want to ask yourself if you want to build a greenhouse on your own or buy a greenhouse kit? However, if you want to build it on your own the basic principles of making a greenhouse are very easy, The most crucial component is the preparation that occurs in the early stages.  Constructing a garden greenhouse  with poor planning can result in misused time, lots of aggravation, and perhaps failing. If your wish is to be equipped to generate healthy and balanced plant life all year round, then greenhouse plans can include tips on heating and cooling the dwelling, along with ways to manage a water source. Constructing a green house doesn’t need to be very expensive or take a long time to finish. It’s well worth noting when setting up your greenhouse that location is very important.

An alternative choice is to merely level the soil then dump  several inches of gravel across the dirt exactly where you intend to place the greenhouse. The most popular materials to pick in constructing your greenhouse is glass, fiberglass, and plastic film. The environment inside the greenhouse has to be carefully managed — temperature, moisture and lighting need to be strictly governed to guarantee the ongoing thriving of the vegetation contained inside. Greenhouses usually need extra sources of heating in wintry weather and vents for warm climate. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Another for the one day file… I do very much like a nice, traditional greenhouse ala Hartley Botanic and I fell a little bit in love with them at RHS Hampton Court. This entry was posted in Inspiration and tagged DIY, glasshouse, greenhouse, upcycle, vintage windows by Brooke. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Plants like Tomatoes, peppers, and melons have a long growing season, which is why it is crucial to begin these plants as early as the beginning of February.
I started many vegetables indoors at the beginning of March, and had to keep these plants indoors up until April till I could sit them out during the day. For two months, my morning ritual began by taking all of my starter trays outside on the porch, and at night I would bring them all back in the house. My partner has recently taken on remodeling my Mother's kitchen, so the garden has been on the back-burner. I would even like to construct a greenhouse that was half underground and half exposed for growing tropical fruits.
Polytunnel designs are equivalent in efficiency and cost, it simply depends on the materials you can scavenge for free or have around your house. Similarly, Palram 6-ft L x 4-ft W x 6-ft H Metal Polycarbonate Greenhouse at Lowe's cost up $500. Some people have built them out of cob to retain heat and withstand winds, which would take much more time.
Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. You'll be able to ask questions about gardening or chat with the community and help others. Although a greenhouse can be an enjoyable spare-time activity, it can also require substantial work. When the the warmth of the sun gets into a greenhouse, it supplies the warm temperatures that plants require to grow properly.
Another vital issue for you to determine is who will make the greenhouse: you, someone else, or will you use a greenhouse kit? While construction may actually be simpler when you use a pre-built kit, you can save money by making the greenhouse from scratch instead.
People have come a great length in the struggle for a healthier planet, in the last 20 years. The trick is you actually build each `wall` at a time, although in total it seems you’re dealing with some kind of a castle, involving almost a thousand bottles in order to raise-up a 2 by 2 by 2 meters structure.
The structures wouldn’t last a strong storm and they would end up in pieces causing more environmental damage .
Instead of trying to do something positive, you have pointed out that no matter what we do, we are stupid & doomed. It seems like a possibility, but until then I just have a pile of pvc waiting to put into action. These days, you will find many selections in greenhouse kits — they could be crafted from lumber, steel, Pvc material, aluminum, acrylic, glass, polycarbonate, or polyethylene sheets. Choosing the proper building  plans generally requires selecting a design to meet the requirements of the gardener.
Blueprints may also make recommendations on the kinds of fans and heating units most appropriate for a particular framework. Having said that, some knowledge about greenhouses can be useful for you in order to assemble the ideal structure.
The base of your greenhouse needs to be quite strong, and would often be made from cement or plastic. It’s recommend that you get supplies that can truly last and stand up to various conditions. You simply need to be careful since it breaks easily and this material is likely to magnify the sun’s heat. Sometimes your evening heat will be as much as 10 – 20 degrees higher, using only the no cost energy from the sun. It’s frustrating and hazardous to have an wall socket 10 ft away when you really need one at the bottom of your table.
Lady bugs tend to be found in greenhouses to manage harmful insects like aphids, and small wasps are utilized to fight whitefly infestations. Even then, I had to bring my starter plants back in every night until the beginning of May. I have been transplanting more Tomatoes in the garden but the last 40 I have planted have died! You can easily find wood pallets (for free) at sawmills, factories, and behind other stores.
Piping is easy to come across, as you can ask many people if they have any around, or go dumpster diving. Even a mini pre-fab Greenhouse as the one in the picture below may cost as much as $40, the same cost for all the Transparent plastic you would need to construct a much larger Greenhouse. Much larger Greenhouses, Palram 16-ft L x 8-ft W x 8-ft H Polycarbonate Greenhouses at Lowe's cost more than $2200! I like everything about it I've never built anything, but now I'm tempted to try Thank you for sharing so many great ideas, Cassie K! When you buy a kit for constructing your own greenhouse, and start putting it together, that is when the realization will hit. The purpose of a greenhouse is to grow plants in an ideal environment, not kill them by doing something wrong.

To see to it that plants can grow well, proper levels of heat, sunlight, and moisture must be maintained. It is essential to have the sunlight so that there will be plenty of warmth to promote plant growth. Depending on how severe the weather is where you live, will determine what you require to properly seal off your greenhouse. Especially since I live in an area of MI that doesn’t have a recycling center anywhere near close by.
Though the grass roof one looks to be a warm climate and I imagine it was built to live inside of, So possibly little greenhouse effect at all, though maybe the grass roof changes the effect.
And the aesthetics would fade as the clear bottles become cloudy from exposure to the elements.
I am in the part of the world were buying a green house is very expensive and ideas like these are helpful. We will find a cave to live in til Andy comes up with a PERFECT answer to all of our problems with his massive intellect. They are warmer inside, even in the wind, though they don’t keep it all out, but they also let the rain in which is great for watering!
The good news is that with the bottles being cylindrical, the entire house ends up being corrugated. With plastic one can do numerous things as casting your walls using clay Adobe style mortar, baked by sunlight until hard like brick with plastic bottles firmly cast in place.
A greenhouse will give you an earlier start for new plants, more comfortable conditions for sensitive plants as well as a frost free environment for vegetation that won’t pull through outside. Greenhouse blueprints for non-permanent constructions are often ideal when it comes to stretching out the growing period slightly. Its smart to understand and look for several options before you make any educated decision.
Morning sunlight is most desired since it lets the plants’ food production process to start in the morning that will optimize growth. In addition, it means that you can easily move the greenhouse if needed and far less costly than pouring a concrete floor. Depending on what you want to grow, it might be essential to use a heating unit to maintain temps up throughout the night. Make sure to purchase or insist on components plus a supply which will more than handle your needs now and later on. You can imagine my Mother was shocked to have so many trays of growing plants taking up half the living room, utility room, and our bedroom. We have thought of many different designs, for example a recycled bottle greenhouse (like in the picture below). Wood pallets can be deconstructed in order to use the wood to create the structure of the Greenhouse. If you want to have a successful greenhouse, it will involve a considerable amount of time. It might take time to get your greenhouse put together just right, but it will be worth it.
Consider constructing a polycarbonate greenhouse if you live in an area that gets lots of snow.
Andy & Tina will be available to Pee on any ideas you might come up with so that we know how Superior their collective smarts are.
Does anyone on here happen to know what materials were actually USED to build these greenhouses?
When viewing your greenhouse plans regarding your garden don’t ignore this crucial process. The ideal will be a solar driven heater that charges using the sun in the day, but it can be inexpensive to have a plug in heater for small greenhouses. When some commercial greenhouses require plant pollinators, they’ll use bumblebees rather than hormones. If there is however any miscalculations, you could easily cut some of the height of the bottles. Use the tops of the bottles if you can get creative enough to engineer a rain water collection device on the roof as well. Sadness!My gf has these pop up plastic (like clear tarp material) that you can just carry around and stuff. To prevent your plants from getting overly hot, you will need to invest in ventilation and heating systems.
Then it’s all about cutting and gluing the bottles between them and to the wood frame. The bottles do eventually cloud, but a bigger issue is that threading them on bamboo means water runs through them and then they get algae in them. Here's some Mars' Greenhouse lust pictures:I guess you can see a theme, and that is that I like greenhouses that have wood or brick, rather than the all plastic kind. She got a superdeal on them (she used to work for the company that stocks Lowe's plant centers).
The better design in my opinion is to create a structure with a sturdy frame of wide planks, then create a tight zig zag of wire on to hold the bottles in on each side of that frame.
However, I certainly wouldn't shake a stick at having an all plastic kind!I'm definitely quite serious with my plan for building my own greenhouse when I get a new home with a yard.
Make sure you have a couple of pieces of wood positioned underneath the frame; this way, the bottles will be centered to the middle of the frame and not bulking in any other way. This allows you to slot the bottles into each other to make a column of bottomless bottles with the top bottle retaining it’s lid topping a bottom one with the top cut off but retaining the base. After building a greenhouse  avoid the temptation to overcrowd the benches with plants, because this prevents disease or insect issues.
Maybe it's a little bit ambitious but I really believe I will build it!Feel free to post your own greenhouse lust pics.

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