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Give your tenant the additional safety of locking their bike onto the steel tray of the WireCrafters Bike Stacker! WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider is the ideal way to provide stable, vertical bike storage on unused existing walls. WireCrafters all steel woven wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in multi-family building common storage areas.
Made of 14 and 16-gauge steel, Bike Stacker storage racks are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Simply place a bike onto one of the rack's storage trays and roll forward until the front wheel drops into the tear-shaped tire slot. Where space is limited in a basement or ground floor area, the Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack allows you to store a lot of bikes in a small area.
WireCrafters Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack is an efficient way to store multiple bikes in condominiums, apartment buildings, and multi-family dwellings.
Trays have exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place. Protecting your most important assets from costly injuries and damage should be a priority for warehouse and distribution facilities managers everywhere.
Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer. Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel. Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge. Your browser is out of date and can not correctly display all features of this and other websites.
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The unit is available in three sizes with the smallest starting at $299.99 for 60" x 60" x 78".

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What do you get when you put four bike-mad product designers into a Clerkenwell design studio? Perhaps… something that’s beautifully crafted and solves your bike storage problem? Designed by Daniele Ceccomori, Clive Hartley, Nick Mannion and Jason Povlotsky, Branchline is something of a statement piece, albeit an expensive one, with prices starting at ?990. It's a celebration of the best of bike culture — its art, design, photography, style and heritage. Many condominium and apartment buildings are currently trying to accommodate residents with a place to store their bicycles.
The Bike Stacker storage rack comes in different sizes that store between 8 and 14 bikes simultaneously. The staggered, formed bike trays hold any style bike upright and in position, while providing added clearance between stored bikes to prevent damage.
The Bike Stacker storage rack can be installed using standard hand tools, or alternatively we also offer a complete installation service nationwide. Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color. We strongly advise you to upgrade to one of the browsers listed below in order to keep your computer secure, and so that you may experience our site as it was designed to function. It’s manufactured here in the UK from sustainably-sourced bamboo, and is hand-finished in leather (which means it looks extra lovely if you have a Brooks saddle fitted to your bike). The bicycle storage issues become exponentially more complex in high rise buildings where it is a major inconvenience to lug your bike up flights of stairs or into the elevator to your home.
Our double-tiered rack design allows the storage of more bikes in a smaller space; which is extremely important in larger cities where storage space is at a premium. The tire trays have an exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place, while the unique positioning makes adjusting the tray spacing a snap. Because we believe in the power of the humble bicycle to liberate, empower and inspire body & soul. I've started a new blog to help you get (and stay) inspired, whatever it is you want to do.
Driven by personal passions for cycling, the designers sought to address the challenges of owning a bike in an urban environment.

Applying their technical expertise and knowledge of materials to bike storage, Quarterre has crafted this range of sculptural stands with a meticulous and measured eye.
Optional stop pins are available to store bicycles forward in the tray if the bike is of unusual size or tire width.
Rather than bikes creating assault courses in hallways, being relegated to the shed or the office back room, Quarterre’s range of stands are effective and highly aesthetic storage solutions designed to seamlessly and elegantly integrate cycling with work or home environments”. First of all, it’s much more practical in a busy city where parking spaces are always a problem and where traffic is horrible.
Also, bikes are environmentally friendly so, if you’re concerned about that, it’s a big plus.
They also don’t require fuel so you get to save both money and space by using a bike instead of a car or motorcycle.View in galleryHowever, they’re not as comfortable as other means of transportation and they’re not practical when you have baggage or when you’re in a hurry.
You first have to find the space for the bike and then you have to come up with a smart way of storing it without making it difficult to take it out when you need to.
It’s a hanger that can be installed anywhere in your home, takes little space and also provides an additional shelf for a lamp, some books or anything else. It’s a box that allows you to get your bike off the ground and to clear up some floor space for other things such as shoes and storage cabinets.
The difference in this case is that it allows you to store your bike either vertically or horizontally. The versatility and flexibility is perfect for small apartments and for spaces where storage is a problem. It allows you to free up some floor space and, in addition, it also includes a small storage space within he cup=shaped unit. But you can make things even better with this one because it’s a foldable hanger that you can flip up when not in use. They feature an oil stain finish and support the steel frame that was painted in off-white to match the wooden bars. It’s great for storing your water bottle, helmet and other things you usually carry with you when using the bike. It features a silver powder-coated finish and has independent adjustable arms that can accommodate almost any type of bike.

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