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This lean to storage shed built in Meridian, Idaho is perfect if you need a bit of extra space. The Lean To Shed is perfect for garden tools, seasonal items, or shelter for large outdoor animals. In addition to a multitude of width options, our two story shed products come in number of different color options. Our two story shed plans are built to last, so you can be confident that you will get a structure that will endure for years under normal conditions and keep your belongings safe from the elements and other potential harm. I was planning on builing a 12 x 16 shed this summer as I need to clear space in my garage. The wood 2 story sheds come with duratemp wooden siding (25 year warranty) with an all plywood interior. If you dona€™t want the metal roof for your two story shed, which has a 40-year Warranty, you can get it made with 30 year architectural shingles. A 20mm black PVC section is alos screwed to the bottom of the greenhouse, providing a damp barrier to ensure the greenhouse is not in direct contact with a concrete base. LunaThermo-D belonging to durability class 2 has a projected service life of 30+ years when resistance to decay is considered (BRE).
Tests have shown that the thermal conductivity of thermowood® is reduced by around 20-25% compared with untreated coniferous wood.
During the production process, organic compounds and emissions which deteriorate the quality of indoor air are removed from the wood. Lunawood® thermowood should be surface treated before installation or immediately after installation if the beautiful brown colour to be retained.
We recommend using some form of surface treatment to protect Lunawood® from air born impurities. Our Lean-To storage building is designed for those side yards that have limited space and access. I am still debating but leaning more towards just leaving it unattached and not bothering the cosmetics of the house.

This might be a nice project to start off with beofre i tackle the larger shed, stairs from 2nd floor deck, and finishing my basement (walkout). I've attached a pic of the shed, and wqill be using vinyl siding and not the t1-11 in the plans. This means that all of our 2 story storage sheds have ample room for storage and for moving around and working in them. It inspired by traditional craftsmanship this table using a wedge, legs and a hexagonal boards from local oak as the structure. Glazed with 3mm toughened glass, the glazing is sealed with high quality silicone and jointed with a clear plastic H section. Only heat and steam are used in the manufacturing process and no chemicals are added whatsoever.
As a result, Lunawood® is an excellent choice of material for exteriordoors, cladding, windows and saunas, to name just a few applications.
According to research, there are twenty times fewer compounds and emissions in thermowood than in unprocessed pine.
With painted untreated wood the typical interval between maintenance is approximately 5 years.
Our selection of two story shed plans is excellent because we offer many different sizes to give you the building that will work for you. I would then attach a 2x6 to the exposed exterior wall of the house spanning the length of the lean to roof. As far as the roof options on our 2 story sheds, you get to pick either a barn roof or an a-frame roof. The roof includes large opening vents with automatic opener and full length staging down one side to ensure centre support. However the decking material is subject to surface wear and loading which decreases the reasonable expected service life to 15–20 years. During the process, steam acts as a protective gas and prevents the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

The surface treatment can be applied either before or immediately after installation using only a thin coat.
With Lunawood® thermowood the maintenance interval in painting can be greatly extended, possibly three times longer than usual.
The brown colour of the surface will simply fade and turn to grey over time due to the influence of UV. 1) you'll have to mess with your siding, 2) if it's attached to the house it would be best if it was below the frost line so the lean to is not moving against your house.
By using a more stable material considerable costs can be saved in cladding and decking, taking into consideration the entire lifespan of the product.
The weathered appearance of the wood is elegant and the beneficial properties remain intact. Our 2 story sheds feature additional storage space and other features that make them an easy choice for those who need a quality storage building at an affordable price. Alana€™s Factory Outlet Amish prefabricated 2 story sheds come in single wide two story sheds and double-wide two story sheds. Board & batten siding on our 2 story storage sheds is also an option that many buyers take advantage of.
And with our large selection of models, colors, and floor plans, you are sure to find just what you are looking for in our catalog of 2 story storage sheds. This means that you can have your shed double as a single-car or two-car garage, and you will have double the storage space when you buy one of our double-wide two story storage buildings.

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