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Bayside Sheds is an Australian owned supplier of quality steel building including Garden Sheds, Domestic Sheds, Industrial Sheds,Barns, Farms Sheds, Aircraft Hangars and Garages. Our Sheds are engineer designed to adhere to and exceed strict Australian Building Standards and are manufactured from 100% Australian Bluescope Steel. Our Engineering team can customise our designs to suit your needs while ensuring we do not compromise on quality or strength. Our Farm sheds have been designed for the farmer with your equipment, livestock and agricultural storage needs in mind.
We promise that our sheds use 0.42mm(BMT*) so you can rest easy knowing your shed will last. Bayside Sheds Provided me with Great Sales Service to make sure I Got the shed i needed and Their after sales service was even better. At Stoltzfus Outdoor Living, we do not consider our sheds to be only a necessity, but a decoration!
Every Garden Building no matter what size will require a good Solid Level Area for it to sit on .
You simply can NOT just put your new garden shed directly on to the Lawn or Grass , apart from not usually being particularly level it will immediately attract water directly into the Timber Floor of your new shed. Ideally you Building needs to be raised above any  wet or Damp Areas to ensure your floor says dry . After 35 years in this job i have seen many , many buildings and the damage an incorrectly sited building ends up reciving.

All of which are jobs you can do your self or as part of our service we offer a Base Laying Service. Above shows a Timber Framed base being installed onto a substantial strip flagged and gravel  surround  base.There are lot of premonitions to this design , but fundamentally as long as it is solid and level is the Key. This type of base is more suited to Garden Cabin type structures as they them selves are generally a more expensive product.
The price is also only a guide as unless we can see the actual conditions it is Imposable  to quote and is based up on the ground being reasonable level with an Inch or 25mm .
If you are in doubt in any way please send us a photo of the area for us to asses the situation .
There are a number of ways this base can be undertaken all of which are controlled by ground conditions and the amount of budget you are prepared to spend on your gravel base . The second way is a little more expensive and will require a timber frame to be dug into the ground after removing the turf .
Best quality waterproof Polycarbonate roofing aluminum car park shed, View polycarbonate car park shed, Blue Sky Leisure Product Details from Blue Sky Leisure Products Co., Ltd. We are proud to supply ONLY 100% Australian Bluescope steel for our entire range of Sheds, Carports and Awnings.
As every individual client has an idea of not only what they want, but how much they want to spend on a base .
If you intend to buy a Log Cabin Style building we highly recommend this sort of base , it will allow air to be curculated and thus prolong the life of the building .

The idea is that the remaining turf acts as an edging stoping the gravel from spilling over .
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It is recommended that this gravel base is made slightly larger than the building it self which will allow any wage that drains of the roof to be soaked away . While this is setting the lads will start fixing the cross members and braces suitable for that size of structure .
One one base will ever be the same as ground conditions and location will determine these factors .
The surface of powder coating and high durable electrophoresis antioxidant processing, can effectively use and more than 30 years without maintenance .2. Sunvisors: The impact of high strength of polycarbonate materials, the strength of the glass is 200 times or so. And add the wire ultraviolet (UV), which can effectively keep out more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray, protect car paint surface.

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