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The store in my town does not stock it so I had to drive 35 plus miles one way to pick it up at another store because my store does not transfer this item to there store I was told there and it was high shipping to my house like $150.That being said I put this up over the week-end and it looks real nice and it went tighter pretty well by myself. After years of paying $100.00 per month to store items at the local self-storage facility I decided it would be more cost efficient to buy a shed and store on my property. Installation is fairly straight forward provided you follow the instructions to the letter. The only real complaint I have is that the doors don't slide well even if you clean the track regularly. A vinyl or plastic shed of this size is around $1000 so for the money you save it could be worth the extra care needed to maintain it. The durable, economical Highpoint shed will enhance any yard and safely store your lawn and garden equipment, bicycles and more.
Accessories Arrow's accessories help you customize your shed to fit your own, individual needs and style.
Arrow sheds can be purchased from most of your favorite retailers both in-store and online. Arrow Storage Products is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel storage units delivered in kit form.
The shed construction was challenging with patience needed but was built in about one week. We recently purchased an Arrow Claremore 10a€™x14a€™ steel shed for use behind our house as a general storage shed.The instructions were relatively clear (sometimes the text was confusing but the pictures helped clarify) and it was reasonably easy to assemble.
How will the bas kit be installed on a 4" thick concrete slab foundation as required by the city building code ? Nous vous proposons, ici, de visualiser tous les abris de jardin Jardin arrow mis en vente et en comparaison sur le site.
Si vous cliquez sur un abri, vous arriverez sur le site du fabricant et pourrez trouver de plus amples informations concernant l'abri Jardin arrow. The worst thing about this shed is it is made of thin metal that is about like a soda can thickness. We (my girlfriend helped me with this project!) couldn't get the individual corners to stay erect in the slight Colorado breezes - we didn't even want to let go of it for fear it would be bent out of shape - so we added on front and rear wall panels one corner at a time for bracing.

I did this as time allowed over the work-week, and everything was ready to assemble by Saturday morning. As a matter of fact, I built 80% of it without the need for assistance until I got to the roof panels. We built it on an entirely leveled 5" thick concrete base and had no major problems with hole alignments. THE FIRST I PUT UP IN 1995 AND ITS DOING GOOD SOME FADDED PAINT AND RUST SPOTS WERE THERES A SCRATCH . The instructions leave much to be desired, in that they are not easy to follow & the drawings are hard to read. Its large door opening is sufficient for most riding lawn mowers and the lockable, sliding doors ensure your items are secure. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 13 million sheds to customers around the world through its retail partners. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 12 million sheds to customers around the world.
Having someone inside to hold the nuts while adding the screws from above will be required.
We are no pros, just your average homeowners with hundreds of do it yourself projects behind us over the years. You need a lot of time & patience, as well as at least three people to complete the project which could take a few days. Sheet metal was thin enough to see through (okay, not quite, since I have calmed somewhat), holes did not align even after shimming and sliding base. The floor frame kits  are basically end-tabbed steel beams that bridge across the shed’s floor frame. The attractive barn-style roof is perfectly pitched to allow for proper runoff of rain and snowmelt.
It is great for the safekeeping of riding lawnmowers, gardening tools and other home maintenance equipment. I don't know why the gauge is not list in there ad for it, my sister-in-law has one that is older , but the same size and brand , but heaver gauge.

When I called the company with my complaint, I was told that they would send another at the cost to us of well over $100.00 for shipping. Once the proper base kit for your Arrow building is assembled, you have a variety of flooring options to choose from—wood, sand or even pea gravel. If I were going to recommend this it would not be for places were snow and servere weather. We had no problems at all with that, just go step by step and do exactly as shown on the pictures. After some smaller floor frame kit beams are installed, you have a perfect base for a wood floor finish (wood is not included ).
Bent flimsy panel, became frustrated, pushed the whole mess to the ground and ran over it with my tractor. It took both people about a week, but we worked on and off and only in our free time between real work and such. Once the wood floor is installed, stored items will be off the ground and away from moisture.
After completion, if you have problems with the doors sliding difficultly, that means the building, especially the front needs to be shifted a little one way or the other, this is why it is not recommended to bolt the building down until you've completed building it. In addition to protecting stored items, the self-squaring feature make the Arrow base kits a valuable accessory when assembling an Arrow building. The pitched roof helps channel rainwater and snowmelt down to the ground to reduce leaking and weakening of the shed's top.
Be sure to read the floor frame kit or base kit assembly manual first to find the correct time to install the accessory. As for weatherproofing, we used the tape, then also there will be a lot of areas near the top and bottom of the wall panels where bugs could enter, we used an entire bottle of great stuff foam around all those large holes, from the inside of course, then trimmed excess if it expanded too much. We are really thrilled with the end result, a very functional and good looking shed to loosen up the overfilled garage.

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