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Amish men and children listen to children sing in a school house during the final day of class on Tuesday in Bergholz, Ohio.
Linda and Emanuel Schrock's oldest children will look after the younger ones while the Schrocks are imprisoned over the next two years. The end-of-school celebration Tuesday served as the last big community gathering before four women and one man from this tight-knit group in rural eastern Ohio enter prison on Friday, joining nine already behind bars on hate crimes convictions for hair- and beard-cutting attacks against fellow Amish.
The only voices raised are those of the students as they begin singing, the melodies rising and dipping like the surrounding hills. The spouses of Anna Miller and Freeman Burkholder and the 15 children combined from the two families will act as one household while Miller and Burkholder serve one-year sentences.
They say they're bound by different rules guided by their religion, that the government had no business getting involved in what they did and that calling it a hate crime was overreaching."We're not exactly saying it was wrong, and we don't say it's right, either.

He was sentenced to 15 years, the longest term of the 16 defendants.Seven aren't yet in prison. It's something that will never happen again, I can tell you that," Wilma Mullet, a daughter of Sam Mullet. The remaining men especially plan to bear the burden of extra work, making home repairs and fixing fences and handling planting and harvesting. She was not among those charged.All 16 defendants appealed, arguing the group's conviction, sentencing and imprisonment in separate facilities as far away as Louisiana, Minnesota and Connecticut violates constitutional rights and amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. Their wives, some barefoot, sat outdoors on benches from the schoolhouse, chatting as their long-sleeved, blue and green dresses and white head scarves fluttered in the wind. Prosecutors reject that argument.The defendants say the distance to the facilities is too great to travel by horse-drawn buggy or even by using a hired driver, so most of their families likely won't be able to visit.

They plan to keep in touch through letters and occasional phone calls.Prosecutors say the Amish are raising issues already dealt with by the courts, most recently on Tuesday, when a federal judge refused to release Mullet Sr. The ruling noted prison officials, not the courts, determine where to place inmates.The five reporting to prison Friday said they are somewhat scared and unsure what to expect but are hopeful about being released early for good behavior. They're sewing clothes, plowing ground and finishing other chores to make life easier for their loved ones while they're gone. Two women, assigned to prisons in Minnesota, were bracing for their first plane ride.Their departure will leave nearly three dozen children without one or both parents in a culture where the men and women have distinct roles, so the adults made alternative arrangements.

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