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Our complete selection of stocked hardwood, plywood, lumber, and other woodworking supplies that we have available in St. In addition to carrying a large selection of hardwood, mouldings, and other woodworking supplies in stock, we can also supply a limitless variety of custom architectural mouldings and custom cut lumber or hardwoods from our local St.
We can cut custom moulding or lumber for your order, and we can even create custom profiles using our own knife grinding shop.
We have a large selection of species of wood available including popular woods such as birch, poplar, red oak, cherry, pine, and walnut as well as specialty woods including many exotic wood species available at our mill in order to fill any custom order in a timely manner. Learn more about our Mill Services here on our website or contact us directly to see how we can meet your custom hardwood lumber and woodworking material needs. If you are interested in ordering any of our custom hardwood products or you would like to shop our selection of in stock hardwoods, please contact us or visit one of our St.
We also staff only knowledgeable and skilled employees who have experience in a variety of woodworking fields.
With our complete selection of in stock and custom woodworking products and our knowledgeable employees, we have become a complete woodworking source and hardwood supply store for contractors, carpenters, furniture builders, cabinet makers, homebuilders, woodworking professionals, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers throughout the St. You can learn more about what our customers are saying about us with the testimonials below or come into one of our hardwood supply stores to learn more about us today. My job is to provide my client with the best products and service and in order for me to do that I need companies like St. The entire staff is both knowledgeable and willing to do whatever it takes to meet our needs. If you would like to learn more about our woodworking and hardwood supply company, feel free to contact us at either of our stores or come into one of our local St. Decorative Carvings: We sell a large variety of types of decorative carvings in stock and can custom manufacture any profile as well.
Moulding: We stock several varieties of moulding including picture frame moulding, crown moulding, chair rails, panel moulding, and fireplace mantels. Hardwood Flooring: We sell a variety of types of prefinished hardwood flooring and unfinished hardwood flooring. Wood Decking: We can supply several varieties of hardwood decking including ipe decking and tiger decking. Imported Plywood: As a leading hardwood supply company, we also stock many varieties of imported plywood in our stores.

Marine Plywood: We carry marine plywood in stock in many different sizes to meet our customers’ needs.
Wood Veneers: We sell a wide variety of types of wood veneers in several popular and specialty species.
Wainscoting Panels: We can supply many different styles and types of hardwood wainscoting panels.
Stair Parts: We carry a large selection of stair parts in stock including newels, balusters, and stair handrails. Interior Doors: We are a leading supplier for Woodharbor interior doors, and our available selection includes a variety of styles of wood interior doors. Brass Bar Railing: We carry a large selection of brass bar railing and bar railing accessories in stock for home and commercial bars. Wood Turning Blanks: As a leading local woodworking and hardwood supply company, we can supply many different sizes and species of wood turning blanks. Wood Lathes: We carry wood lathes for woodworkers of all skill levels including both affordable, smaller models and larger, more advanced models. To see our complete selection of woodworking products we supply, visit our hardwood lumber company stores today. Charles Hardwoods, we carry a large selection of hardwood, lumber, and woodworking supplies in stock in our two St. We can also supply a variety of other custom hardwood products from our mill in order to meet nearly any need that you may have. Charles Hardwoods, it is our goal to be a leading woodworking and hardwood supply company for the entire St. These employees are available to provide expert advice and answer any of our customers’ questions. As a custom home builder and a remodeling contractor it's important to use quality vendors such as St. Charles Hardwoods to do what they say the are going to do, when they are supposed to do it. Our selection of decorative carvings includes wood brackets, corbels, wood onlays, wood appliques, and furniture legs.
Louis hardwood supply company, we carry a vast selection of lumber including exotic lumber, pine lumber, cherry lumber, red oak lumber, and more.

We look forward to meeting all of your hardwood lumber supply needs and to becoming your source for all woodworking materials, tools, and knowledge in St.
We often lean on Mark’s knowledge to solve challenges in matching wood types, design and custom work. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you to find the hardwood and woodworking products that you need for any project. This includes a variety of styles of moulding and decorative hardwood carvings in some of the most popular hardwood species. With our large selection of hardwood, hardwood plywood, imported plywood, lumber, and moulding, we have everything that any woodworker needs for nearly any type of project.
Whether I have a multi thousand dollar order or a single piece of molding, the service is the same. In addition to his experience, Mark never fails to respond in a timely manner with pricing and product requests.
We also stock a variety of wood species of hardwood plywood, imported plywood, wood veneers, and S3S & S4S lumber. In addition to selling a large selection of wood products in stock in our hardwood supply stores, we also sell a variety of woodworking tools and accessories as well. With our large selection of in stock hardwoods products and many additional hardwood products available from our local mill, we have everything that any woodworker needs.
With this complete selection of hardwood lumber and other wood materials, we have everything to meet the needs of any woodworker.
I have a choice of who I can use to supply my hardwood needs but I can't imagine getting a better value going with anyone else. In Liston Construction’s 30 years of business, we have never been disappointed in the variety and selections available on a daily basis.
From fine woodworkers, cabinetmakers, furniture makers, experienced craftsmen, and homebuilders to hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, and other woodworking enthusiasts, our hardwood lumber company is a leading choice for quality hardwood products in the St.

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