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This is a classically designed machinist's tool chest by Windsor Design and features eight drawers and a rich wooden appearance, coupled with a very functional design.
As mentioned, it has eight drawers of varying sizes which are fitted with dark green felt lining, designed both to keep tools from sliding during transport & to also inhibit moisture damage. The tool chest also features heavy duty chrome plated hardware and a rubber grip handle for easy lifting & durability.
In addition to storing tools, this classic case would be perfect for storing & transporting other small collectibles such as jewelry, gem stones, coins, shells, heirlooms, etc. Filed under: Metalworking Toolchests, Modern Toolchests, Tool Chests, Woodworking Toolchests.

Partially open wooden treasure chest with metal straps and hardware full of money - path included. Its construction is of hardwood and it is finished in a honey oak stain with a clear lacquer coat. Some of the drawers also feature dividers (as seen in the bottom picture) to help keep tools, such as chisels, from crashing and bumping into each other -- thus saving their keen edges. There is a keyed lock to secure the front of the box as well as a separate keyed lock to secure the lid. For instance this tool chest can be purchased from Harbor Freight for a mere $70.00 US or so.

As with traditional machinists tool chests of ages past, a safety mirror is situated inside the interior of the lid.

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