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The one city that I live in – Fresno California USA – is part of an Air Pollution control district that does not allow the construction of a wood burning anything! I was originally planning to plaster the outside leaving just the black trim bricks showing; so much of the red brick is course and the grout is different colors and unfinished. I am so happy in the way you are proud of what you have made with your own hands, its priceless.
Wood fired brick ovens have certainly added extra fuel to the LA pizza debate burning over the very last few years. I have a wood burning pizza oven and am trying to find the natural gas burner to turn my oven into a gas pizza oven.
Me too, have you had any luck to find a safe way to convert between gas and wood fuels options? As with most of the postings above, I would be very grateful if you could let me know the type of burner you used.
We have a wood fired pizza oven that we built and we would like to also have a LP gas feature.
To link to Gas and wood brick pizza oven article, copy & paste the following code into your website. One a the oven’s first pizzas after just a few seconds in the hot oven cooks on the firebrick floor in the photo below.
This Instructable explains how to build a brick pizza oven that cost about $700 in materials and can be assembled in a few hours.
This is a great, low-cost project for someone who wants to test out the ins-and-outs of brick oven cooking. I attended a fantastic pizza making event at Machine Project (instructor: Michael O’Malley) that included the construction and firing of a DIY temporary brick pizza oven – the ultimate in pizza cooking. Note: While not exactly cheap at $700, a conventional brick oven can take weeks to build by professional masons and cost thousands.
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Fire Works Masonry recently had the good fortune of a return trip to Japan for an opportunity to once again work with our friend Aki Yoshimizu of Peak Home Builders.
Our client in Levittown, PA was building a serious backyard kitchen and called Fire Works Masonry for a serious backyard wood-fired oven. Our latest project is an energy efficient, wood burning, masonry fireplace in Jim Thorpe, PA.  The fireplace has a heated limestone bench, mantel, and capping stones. Fire Works Masonry recently completed the installation of the heart of an energy efficient fireplace in Hacketsttown, NJ. Fire Works Masonry’s latest job was an outstanding opportunity to build a masonry stove for our friend and Masonry Heater Association colleague Aki Yoshimizu in his lake cottage in Nagano, Japan.
Fire Works Masonry working with friends at Iron Hammer Stoneworks recently completed a large, custom wood-fired commercial pizza oven in Hudson, MA. I would not have attempted this project if it was not for your plans with 1000 pictures and my life would be unknowingly poorer.
I am building one also and know exactly what you mean about the difference in the size of our bricks. I am experimenting making a venture valve (venturie value) to my propane brush burner just to see how it works. Where did you get your gas burner, who makes it, and how long does it take to heat up the oven with a gas burner?
The oven floor and walls are built on top of 4″ of load bearing, commercial grade insulation. Super fast and easy to build, and with minor modifications, it can be assembled semi-permanently and get you through a season of baking delicious breads and pizzas. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The photos below show the completed firebrick core for a clean burning Finnish contraflow masonry heater core. The oven will be used for a variety of foods including pizzas, cast iron dishes, roasted meats and vegetables as well as fresh in-house breads. The owners of this new project in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains were determined to build an efficient home.

The bricks here in the US are different sizes than yours and trying to do mathematical conversions made it too complex so I just threw away all my drawings and built it by looking at your pictures.
The oven burns wood so clean after the first 30 minutes I don’t think anyone would really notice the wood. We have mastered cooking Pizza with my wife rolling out the dough, everyone choosing their own toppings and me working the oven. Thus for example if cooking some other things for an hour, the preheat energy surcharge ratio drops to just 15% and all the culinary activity becomes a lot more efficient on gas. Can you email me details about the gas burner you used as I am seriously considering retrofiting gas to my WFO.
For more typical family-sized backyard baking, you might want to try making a barrel oven that costs much less.
Let me know if you find something similar to this one — easy to build, reasonable cost, large enough for a small restaurant, efficient design. The large masonry heater is both the primary heat as well as the visual focal point for the new space.
The oven floor has a 36″ diameter, plenty of room for a large pizza party or an entire Thanksgiving meal.
The next Holiday plan is to have top Pizza for lunch, Bake bread in the afternoon then slow cook a prime rib beef roast and vegetables for dinner.
The owner’s designed the heater inspired by our King of Prussia masonry heater installation. The photo below shows one of the first hot fires rolling over the top of the oven as it heats the firebrick dome. With no local masons certified in heater building, the owners reached out to Fire Works Masonry. The fireplace has long sandstone heated benches, stone mantel and shelves, a white bake-oven, and a large wood-box for wood storage.

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