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The relaxing ambiance and pleasant aroma of a wood burning sauna stove make Royale's stoves a top choice for those seeking a traditional sauna experience.
Finding your correct sauna heater size is easy, simply find the cubic footage of your sauna by multiplying the dimensions in feet: Length x Width x Height.
20PK with Glass Door20PK finnish woodburning sauna stove with glass loading door for saunas 282 to 706 cubic feet (Equivalent to a 14.4kw electric sauna heater). 20PK VO with Glass Door and Water Tank20PK VO finnish wood sauna stove with water tank and glass door for saunas 282 to 706 cubic feet (Equivalent to a 14.4kw electric sauna heater).
27PK VO with Water Tank27PK finnish wood sauna stove with water tank and glass door for saunas 530 to 850 cubic feet (Equivalent to a 10.5kw electric sauna heater).
20SIL External Feed with Glass Door20SIL External Feed Finnish Sauna Stove with glass door for saunas 282 to 706 cubic feet (Equivalent to a 14.4kw electric sauna heater).
28SIL External Feed with Glass Door28SIL external feed finnish sauna stove with glass door for saunas 425 to 988 cubic feet. Saga 20Saga 20 finnish sauna stove with glass door for saunas 300 to 700 cubic feet (Equivalent to a 14.4kw heater). Water Tank for Wood StovesWater Tank for Sauna Heater, hot water on tap, fits many heaters.
Protective SheathProtective sheath for woods stoves is a durable and safe protective sheath for the fireplace, which reduces the safety distance significantly.
Stove Board Spacer KitA HY-C Type 2 Stove Board protects floors from intense heat, hot coals, ashes and soot stoves or fireplaces can produce.
Glass Door for Designer Series Wood StoveGlass Door for Designer Series wood burning Sauna Stoves. Glass Door for Wood Stove Discounted ModelDiscounted Model for Polar Stoves made in 2011 or earlier.
It produces very even heating with highly efficient air circulation, and is supplied complete with 40kgs of Genuine Finnish Sauna Stones.
If a wood-burning stove is to be fitted into an all-wood sauna cabin, additional measures will usually need to be taken to reduce risk of setting fire to the walls, ceiling, roof, internal fitments or floor.

See Heat Shield for Woodburners and Insulated Chimneys (also below) - these are optional extras, and are not included in the price of the woodburning stove itself. For general advice about any proposed installation please call during normal office hours - we'll be happy to help!
January 9, 2014 By Glenn Leave a Comment Wood burning sauna stoves aren’t for everybody.
Although his driveway is lined with cord upon cord of uncut wood, he doesn’t advertise. Some items may qualify for a promotional discount, to see if an item qualifies, click on the title link.
NIPPA Sauna Stoves, Wood Sauna Heaters, Gas Sauna Heaters and Electric Sauna Heaters, Wood Stoves, Wood Furnaces, Sauna Accessories, Seasoning a stove, how to choose Sauna heater types are electric, wood burning and gas sauna stoves.
Sauna stoves heater models feature the flush-mount fire doors large rock capacity in Canada. When you build an outdoor sauna, a wood-burning stove is the best choice for long-lasting performance as a heat source.
Wood Burning Sauna Stove – 32 results like HAR20ES Harvia Stove, Wood Burning Sauna Room Stove SH-TYLO6405-1030, Woodburning Sauna Heater Harvia. Royale, Inc wood burning sauna stove located in Michigan Heaters 4 Saunas has a great selection of wood fired sauan stove and wood fired sauna heaters. Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we can ship anywhere in the continental United States.
These sauna rocks can be used in most brands of electric, gas or wood burning sauna heaters. Using our design and build system, to create a unique traditional sauna, is simple and low cost. Wood Fired Sauna Stove HAR-M3 – Sauna Room Woodburning Heater, Woodburning Sauna Heater HAR20ES 71 items. Sauna stoves and accessories with competitive prices are also featured at Great Lakes Wood Products.

Wood Fired Sauna Only one thing beats the traditional feel of using a wood burning sauna stove to heat your new home sauna. Ideal for remote areas with no adequate electricity, the stove is manufactured by the largest woodburning Sauna stove factory in Finland. HOME SAUNA KITS SINCE 1974 has the best selection of wood saunas, wood burning sauna stoves sauna heaters at guaranteed best prices.
This external feen wood stove is perfect for saunas for the changing room side of your sauna.
The quality of heat from a wood fired sauna stove cannot be matched by any other type of sauna heater. Standard included items are easy wood loading door, slide out ash pan, 6" chimney adapter and quality sauna rocks for holding heat and producing steam when scooping water on them. The heavy duty steel fire box and cast iron grate will endure many years of traditional sauna enjoyment.
Deluxe wood fired stove models utilize "Coanda" air circulation system for increased heat output efficiency. Chimney pipe can be ported out the top or the back of most of the sauna wood stoves, depending on preference or installation requirements. This sauna stove option is great for remote cabin or vacation home locations that are off of the electricity grid. The glass door is nice for allowing light from the fire box to flicker into the sauna room for ambient light.

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