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I bought knobs for the first one i made and went to put them on and I decided for as hard as i worked to make it nice, I wasn’t putting crappy plastic knobs on it so I made my own.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. My art skills are limited to poorly drawn stick figures but a colleague, who is a professional artist, commissioned me to build him a studio easel even though I am only a semi-competent woodworker. Modifications made to the base plan include using radii rather than dog ears, using a t-slot down the center mast to secure the top support rather than a pressure plate, redesigned adjustable rear support also using t-slots, use of a weight carriage box rather than a pendulum like weight suspension, more substatial adjustable work supports, addition of a towel bar and storage for solvent canisters underneath the taboret base, routed grooves to keep brushes from rolling on the slide out brush rests, holes for holding the solvent canisters in the slide out rests, inclusion of a lower fixed rest at the bottom of the slider so the taboret can be removed and very large canvases can be supported, HDPE panel ($9 cutting board from Sam's Club) for use as a mixing pallet on the top of the taboret, a taller center mast and finally two dowels mounted in the back of the base for convenient storage of extra counterweight plates. Create a stylish, versatile and long-lasting painting workspace with the MABEF Master Studio Easel with Crank. Product Description:Over time, the MABEF line of artist's easels has become well known for its versatility and solid, durable construction. Below is a series of photos of a new counterbalanced studio easel in quarter-sawn red oak, white oak and black walnut.  The two cooperative disciplines of  painting and woodworking meet in a special way.

The easel consists of a base, a frame which tilts forward and back, and a counter-balanced carriage which holds the painting and slides up and down on the frame. The base and frame in the shop.  Primary joinery is mortise and tenon for all of the components. Counter-balanced using pulleys, rope and 50 pounds of weights, allows the painting to be easily moved up and down without using any type of stops or knobs to hold the carriage in place..
I hand made the knobs again but this time I made them on my table saw instead of my router (because now I have a table saw). As the largest studio easel of the MABEF line, the MABEF Master Studio Easel with Crank is certainly no exception. I decided to build another one a litter better designed for occasional production and this is it.
Like all MABEF easels, this easel is produced using the finest imported beech wood, and constructed using time-honored Italian woodworking techniques.

The plan as-is is a perfectly usable plan but is designed to be buildable by someone with rather limited equipment in their shop and is easily enhanced for those who want to take advantage of additional tooling in their shop and are willing to put a little more time into the project. In addition to being durable and long lasting, the Master Studio Easel is just as much of a work of art as anything that's painted on it.The adjustable crank and locking casters combine to offer versatility and ease of use.
Change the angle of your painting surface using the crank, or use the rolling casters for a change of scenery while you work.

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