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Small flexible tube extending and retracting with the action of the ampulla; it mainly allows the organism to move about, anchor itself to a support and capture its prey. More or less movable outgrowths of calcareous plates forming the skeleton and enabling the starfish to ward off its predators.
Small light-sensitive structure located at the terminal end of each arm, allowing it to locate surfaces and prey.
Porous dorsal plate that allows water to enter the body; it connects the ambulacral ossicle to the outside world, and thus ensures locomotion. Movable appendage radiating around the central disk; it has a mainly tactile and olfactory function.
Variably shaped one-cell organism, found in freshwater or salt water, in humid soil or, sometimes, as a parasite of animals. The cell’s flexible outer casing; it separates the cell from the surrounding environment and works as a filter to control the entry and exit of certain substances.

Extension of the cytoplasmic membrane and cytoplasm allowing the amoeba to move about and to trap its prey. I have been on this animal drawing kick for a week now, and with each passing day I somehow get more and more ideas for cute animals to draw. Draw the shape of their heads and or faces, and then draw the floppy ears for the pig, and the pointed ears for the horse. You will then add the shapes of their legs both front and hind, and make sure to draw in the hooves.
Lastly, color in some eyes, draw a shape for the pigs nose, and then color in the nostrils for both animals. Today, I thought that a lesson on "how to draw a simple animal", step by step would be pretty cool since I don’t have one yet.
In the tutorial you will not only draw a pig as the main image shows, you will also draw a cute version of a simplified horse.

My little sister really enjoyed this lesson because she only had to draw two shapes, one for the head, and one for the body. In the shapes she colored in dots for the eyes, and nose, and then she drew the legs, and ears. This would make a great lesson to make for a friend, or relative, and the best part is, you can add some accessories like straw hats, a pieces of hay coming from the mouths, and a few pumpkins along the sides of them. Have fun learning "how to draw a simple animal", and remember, you have the option to make a horse, pig, or both. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of yoru drawing day, be sure to rate and comment on every lesson you visit.

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