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I am including this info below, sent to me by a friend a few years ago, a more experienced and knowledgeable carver. Often tracking down the origins of a wood carving is very difficult, especially with two initials and no date.
It seems we're speaking of two separate wood carvers by the name of Alois Lang, one of the Time cover, living in Oberammergau and another who moved to the US and carved for the American Seating Company.
As a sidelight, reflecting on the Time article, the Oberammergau carvers were much more likely to want to talk about their roles in the Passion Play than they were about their wood carving. If you are looking for an original, one of a kind, wood carved religious sculpture for your place of worship, you might want to take a look at Fred’s religious statues. Today, Fred specializes in one of a kind, custom carved religious sculptures, religious relief carvings,  liturgical fabric art, and church art restorations. Woodcarving and Religious Sculptures By Fred Zavadil, Windsor, Ontario, also serving Detroit, Michigan and area. It depends, in most cases, I will not use anything, sometimes I use varnish for better protection if needed (I do not like anything too shiny) – and I  experiment a lot to see what would be the best.
I only paint carvings when I am asked by a client and even then, I use very little paint so that the wood can be visible under paint. For me,  oil paints do not have the feel of plastic when applied to wood, somehow they feel softer and are easier for me to work with (I used to paint pictures a lot in the past). Indian Woodcarving: Masks A PathfinderThis site gives a brief overview of the history, geography, and social and religious life of the native cultures making up the northwest coast. Wooden carvings And SculpturesOrnamental carving in the Pacific Islands was used on domestic objects such as canoes, spears and utensils as well as in temples and religious statues. FLORIDA WOODCARVING COMPETITION AND EXHIBITIONNo more than two (2) carvings per class, per carver.
African ArtUnfortunately, the moist climate and hungry insects have destroyed all but the more recent wood carvings of the last two centuries.
History Through Children's LiteratureA santo is a wood carving of a saint or religious person in the Catholic Church. Culture Of Liberia – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaAside from religious and traditional music, rap and HiLife are widely popular especially with younger Liberians and American music aficionados. MALAY WOOD CARVING AND ORNAMENTATIONSMALAY WOOD CARVINGS, ORNAMENTATIONS AND THE AESTHETICAL ELEMENTS OF THE TRADITIONAL MALAY ARCHITECTURE. Handmade Olive wood religious Articles From Bethlehem Will Be …Handmade olive wood religious articles from Bethlehem will be available for purchase in Farrell Hall after Masses next weekend. Showcase Of Woodcarvings 2011 February 18-20, 2011 Dedicated …Tools and equipment on wood. Wood Carvings Of Sattras And Nam-ghars Of AssamWood Carvings of Sattras and from bamboo, wood reed and thatch, as construction in brick and stone was beyond reach besides it being exclusively the royal privilege. Engelbert Piccolruaz was born in 1942 in Ortisei, a small South Tyrol village nestled in the Alps of Northern Italy. He returned to Italy for several years and in this period noticed a strong request for religious artwork overseas.
Engelbert’s work can be found in Christian churches and Catholic schools all over Australia. The first impression you get by meeting artisan Englebert Piccolruaz is the sense of gentle persuasion.

His wooden sculptures are executed on prime quality timbers and mostly left natural with a light coat of stain. Please read more testimonials from Catholic churches, individuals and Catholic schools who have all been customers of Engelbert’s fine work. In the early morning I went for a short hike along the Xiao Dong He trail (?????) behind the guest house. Sanyi has so many wood carving shops it is hard to imagine how they all remain in business.
This entry was posted in Miaoli, Museums & galleries, Taiwan, Transport, Travel and tagged hakka, trains and railways by David Reid. He has an extensive experience in designing and creation of religious statuary suitable for any worship environment.
Custom bronze and wood religious sculptures religious religious wood carvings alleviation carvings liturgical artwork and catholic statuary. Regular stains which you can buy in stores will not get you the same results and might not work the same way. As I said before, I use stains which I mix from oil paints and these stains give sometimes the illusion of the carving being painted.
They take much longer to dry than acrylic paints  – it gives me more time to work with them. I  try to find the best quality for all products I use, sales people in stores are usually very helpful if you need with this. Carvings Maori carvings are mainly worked from wood, pounamu (nephrite jade), bone and onewa (basalt).
However, the sattriya architecture developed its own symbolism with a couple of religious discourses in the background.
The meditation led to inspira tion, and Sandoval began creating three sive collection of Sandoval’s carvings. Ortisei is a village steeped in the tradition of wood carving and Engelbert has been fortunate to have had the chance to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.
Many of his religious statues have been published in various religious publications such as St.
This is an opportunity to come directly to the artisan, instead of going through a distributor.
Because work often comes as a request from various different clients, Engelbert believes, it is important to try to understand exactly what the client wants. Inquiries can be made to commission your piece of religious art or a wood sculpture as per your personal specifications. Contact us about any piece of religious art, religious statues, christian artwork, catholic statue or wood sculpture as per your specifications, need and style. Along the way I passed through Baguali (???), a small Saisiat village that looked like it was undergoing extensive redevelopment for tourism. I had lunch in the small town of Mingde and then skirted around Miaoli City going south to Sanyi. He worked as a wood carver and sculptor with two companies specializing in liturgical art in the past and has been working as an independent artist for the past 15 years.
I do not just leave the stain on the carving, I work with it – by wiping off excessive stain I can create lighter and darker areas.

I understand that you are all excited when the carving is ready to be painted and you want to have it finished and show it to everyone but PLEASE, take time to experiment before you ruin it with bad paint or stain!!!!
After ten years working as a contractor for Pellegrini’s (a major retailer of religious goods at that time) he set up his own workshop as a wood carving artisan and sculptor in the inner city suburb of Tempe and then Marrickville, and from there he has never looked back. The advantage is that he can objectively advise you about size, specifications and individual requirements of the wood carvings. This traditional wood carver demonstrate a great ability to listen and offers advice on what he thinks is the most suitable solution. I had breakfast at the guest house and the owner recommended that I visit the Shibi Village (??) where there is an Atayal weaving centre. In fact in the whole Nanzhuang area I was surprised by how much tourism related development there was.
It was supposedly established after drinking water from a spring was able to cure people of diseases.
Just as I got to Sanyi it started pouring rain and I was luckily able to take shelter in a 7-11. The first was wood carving by Taiwan's aborigines, but I think this was poorly represented. To further his experience, Engelbert went to work in Oberammergau, Germany, for three years, and was fortunate enough to witness the famed Passion Play of the region. Still I was in an amazing location surrounded by steep mountains with a river rushing down below.
Visit reports news maps directions and info on World's Largest Religious woodwind instrument Carving in Darien Illinois. This includes both the representations of dieties and the ornate features that adorn many Taiwanese temples.
The problem is that he caved his name in block letters which are easy to copy.However, not seeing it in person, I cannot guarantee it, but from where I am sitting, it all fits nicely. Hoosier State the Sir Henry Wood science laboratory of Demetz Patrick Indiana Val Gardena Italy expert Sir Henry Joseph Wood carvers make high Custom Sir Henry Wood carving and sculptures away Canadian. The last was work by artists that embraces a wide range of styles from traditional to post-modern.
For all over group A hundred years religious figurines have been a linchpin of Dolfi's The traditional artwork of Val Gardena wood carving whitethorn be viewed in. There are many of them in the extended family.There is even a contemporary artist with the name. Michael, Pieta,  Stations of the Cross, religious relief carvings, and many other religious art pieces and carvings. I am heavily involved in carving on the internet and belong to many, many mail lists which are quite active.

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