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Tagged art, creative writing, desire, emotions, eyes, feelings, heart, Leanne Rebecca, letting go, love, poem, poetry, time, trust, vision, want, writing.
Tagged creative writing, desire, expression, fear, fire, heart, introspection, Leanne Rebecca, obsession, poem, poetry, question, rhyme, sanity, trust, writing.
It’s not that I believe in magic or superstition or the power of wishing on a shooting star, but I believed that having that much faith in something for that long would carry me through, that if I never gave up that somehow planets would align. Tagged ashes of eden, breaking benjamin, creative writing, cynical, defeat, desire, emotion, faith, fear, haunting, heart, honesty, hope, Leanne Rebecca, lyrics, poem, poetry, tomorrow, trust, wish, writing.
Since then, I’ve made it my mission to be honest with myself about my emotional health and also honest with the people around me.
One of my best friends said recently that he wasn’t sure why, but whenever he hung out with just me, he felt comfortable talking about what was bothering him. My point with all this is that if I didn’t have poetry or this amazing community on here to help me work through all this, I’d still be that girl that hides how I’m feeling, invisible because I was too scared to let anyone see me. Tagged community, creative writing, eating disorder, emotions, health, heart, honesty, invisible, journal entry, Leanne Rebecca, loneliness, mirror, poem, poetry, reflection, struggle, suicide, trust, truth, voice, writing. It’s amazing how quickly adrenaline can zap your heartbeat and tense your stomach when instinctual fear kicks in.
Tagged afraid, anxiety, art, attack, creative writing, distrust, fear, harm, Leanne Rebecca, lion, poem, poetry, prey, safety, trust, writing.
I usually write poetry as a response to crying whereas few poems have truly moved me to tears. Tagged breathing, creative writing, crying, deep, emotion, faith, falling, flying, heart, integrity, Leanne Rebecca, love, poem, poetically, poetry, strength, trust, weakness, writing.
Tagged binding, contract, creative writing, faith, friendship, have your back, heart, Leanne Rebecca, love, loyalty, poem, poetry, promise, relatonships, struggle, trust, writing.
Tagged beauty, bruises, creative writing, desire, fear, feeling, future, hug, Leanne Rebecca, love, lust, past, peace, poem, poetry, present, protection, scared, senses, touch, trust, unfurl, wounded, writing.

Tagged creative writing, fear, heart, key, Leanne Rebecca, locked, love, poem, poetry, relationships, safety, trust, writing. Tagged believe, bruises, comfort, compassion, creative writing, friendship, heart, hiding, history, in time, inspiration, Leanne Rebecca, life, love, moving forward, poem, poetry, relief, silence, sun, sunset, support, together, trust, writing. Los precios de las fotos y vectores de stock empiezan desde tan poco como $0.15 por imagen. Lots of life has happened in the past couple weeks and I’ve barely been able to catch my breath.
I’d pucker my lips and let a puff of air carry my wish to the wind, where it waited, caught in stasis, never rising to fruition. I don’t like letting my eyelashes fall to the floor unacknowledged, effusing cynicism and defeat as dust coats the lash on the fall to the ground.
I’ve never felt afraid to spill my secrets on here, mostly because I’ve only ever received support, never judgment. I never wanted to burden anyone around me with what I was feeling and my silence drove me over the edge. I think it’s because we trust each other, a trust that was built upon a mutual understanding that we could be straight with one another. A single moment of anxiety can linger for hours as the body struggles to let go of that jolt of intensity. I read an article yesterday talking about the differences between introverted and extroverted people.
It’s something to do with how romantic it sounds and all the connotations it holds, both good and bad.
I’ve had to let many ideas die in the wind, barely able to find the time to eat dinner, let alone write anything. I whispered the same words in my head for years, believing that if I wanted it badly enough that some force would hear me and that the one thing I always wanted would manifest.

I like that I can write about my insecurities and struggles like I would in a journal entry, a freedom I’ve come to rely on, one that has helped me immensely in gaining confidence. Few knew that I was spending my free time sobbing in my car, driving through a veil of water, alone and lost. I will always have your back if you have mine, an unspoken agreement that started with honesty about what was below the surface. I will most likely never know what that man was doing, standing on the corner outside of my apartment building, and I will never be able to explain why I felt such innate distrust, but I am certain of one thing: his presence had a lasting impression on me.
I fall right in the middle of both, equally outgoing as an extrovert and equally introspective as an introvert. I’d start them, sometimes even reaching the second to last line, and then shut my notebook.
I’ve started to appreciate my vulnerability as a strength and have realized that if I don’t have any fear to write about having an eating disorder or obsessions over boys on my blog, then there is no reason to hide that honesty from the people in my daily life. I kept it all in until I didn’t know how to handle it anymore and I came to the conclusion that the only way to make the pain stop was to kill myself.
I’m the safest when I expose my quirks, even the embarrassing ones, like having no self control in how often I text boys I have crushes on or that I like “16 year old girl” music. Hours later, I’m still afraid to turn off my light and slip into the impending, terror infused dreams awaiting my psyche. I want people to see ME, to know ME, to appreciate ME, because there is no other version of ME that should ever exist. Now that I know the importance of talking through my insecurities, aches, and irrationalities, it’s become my mission to help the people around me open up too.

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