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They are having so much fun, traveling and meeting such great people,that thier kids want thier own. Gray water holding tanks, water pump, hot water heater and related waste and water connections. The Stone Bake Oven Company have launched the long awaited mobile unit series, a range of wood fired ovens on trailers.
With pizza as this year's hottest foodie trend, its not difficult to see the earning potential from a mobile pizza oven. The Stone Bake Oven Company are a British company who manufacture a range of wood fired pizza ovens in the UK. With a range of residential and commercial wood fired ovens selling like hot cakes throughout the UK and Europe, the Stone Bake team had been longing to re-design the existing mobile unit for some time.
The Stone Bake team have now expanded into new premises, and with that have recruited new team members for an in-house mobile oven assembly team. A mobile pizza oven enables owners to travel the country and attend parties, fete’s, festivals, road side spots and similar, to serve fresh stone baked pizza, cooked in less than 90 seconds, from a real wood fired oven.

The Stone Bake Oven Company’s standard mobile unit combines the latest in trailer design with the ovens already excellent and impeccable reputation for cooking.
For more information on the mobile range of pizza ovens by the Stone Bake Oven Company, or for information on their restaurant-grade commercial ovens, to their outdoor pizza ovens for residential use, contact the Stone Bake team for more information.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Our bricklayers are fully qualified, insured and licensed and have over 20 years experience. We are a unique artisan gourmet and all natural pizza company that offers fresh organic ingredients with a new outlook on pizza. You have created a fabulous product — I believe that your wood fired ovens can change the world! Whether you are looking to entertain friends, transform your family meals or open a restaurant, a wood fired oven from Mugnaini can offer a uniquely rewarding experience found nowhere else. The new mobile wood fired oven units are available to order immediately, for use at markets, roadside venues, festivals, events, parties and more.

After quickly becoming market leaders for their excellent product quality and extensive oven range, the Stone Bake Oven Company expanded the manufacturing team to produce the long awaited mobile unit series, which are pizza ovens on wheels. The new mobile unit team are ready to work on custom designed trailers, as well as producing the fast selling ‘Mezzo’ and ‘Vento’ mobile ovens, which come ready to roll on a trailer.
Deigned for mobile use, the Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of wood fired ovens, have Micro-mesh technology that ensure their long term road use. Laura, a member of the Stone Bake team is excited by the potential of the new department, saying "soon people across the UK will be able to find authentic stone baked pizza at an event near them!
Her work of interpreting the Old World Style of using an authentic Italian oven has transformed the way Americans look at pizza ovens today.

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