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Since compost is such a valuable resource when gardening, I decided to construct a compost bin and create my own with my yard clippings and food scraps.
Do the same to the two outer front posts, assembling them to the two front corners of the frame. To install middle front and middle rear posts, mark the center of the front and rear joists and the centers of the two remaining posts. Using fencing staples, secure one 30″ piece of #12 jack chain to the inside edge of each lid and to the inside of each side rail at about the middle of the rail.

Composting is a great way of reusing your kitchen scraps and garden rubbish and it’s fantastic for your garden.
Starting on the left side with the notched board fitted around the left rear post, line up your floorboards widthwise across the base and flush with the front of the frame.
I think the plastic types on stands aren’t very attractive, and I built this one from untreated wood so it should leach anything into the finished product. If you decide to build this as well, there are a few discrepancies in the plan, most of which can be found by comparing the dimensions in the text to those in the pictures.

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