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If you’re reading this and I happened to be on the phone with you yesterday and were laughing and talking and I was telling you all about how I was going to make these beeswax candles and I went on and on about it and told you I was going to post it on the blog….. But that is a story for another day when I’m not trying to tell you all about how to make a pallet wood clock.
Remember the brother that made the pallet wood letters and the pallet wood Christmas trees?
So he explained to me how he made it and even gave me a link to where he found the clock hands. Cut out a 4 inch diameter center of the circle (this is where you will attach the clock movement piece). He also suggested using the end of a plywood spool (like the ones you find hardware stores). Then….lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks on top of the plywood circle. Once dry, flip the glued pallet top over to show the plywood circle which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it. Then cut out your circle with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time. You can follow the directions that come with the kit…but essentially you will be drilling a hole in the plywood and attaching the clock hands to the front and the clock movement piece to the back connected by a threaded shaft in the center. Perfect place for the rustic yet industrial project and it even has a practical use – telling time even from across the room or the next room and maybe getting people to places on time.
It looks amazing KariAnne- I have always wanted to make one of these (okay, maybe not always, but for several months now). A woodburning tool would also make letters and stars for those who are wanting to do something similar. I have projects that have been like that, and I told my blog readers I would be doing them–um, yeah.

Home › Forums › Fine Woodworking Knots › Workshop Wood storage rack , easy to make. Aprovecho has created a simple wood-burning stove with a clay elbow that focuses the heat and fire in the combustion chamber directly toward a cooking pot. Harkkev – You raise a good point, but when wanting to assure that you are creating the most efficient and clean stove testing and proper engineering are very important. Anyway, I am definitely a fan of the DIY stuff, but when a stove could potentially be much worse than an open fire, a tested stove could be a good alternative. It’s only the non-third world consumer version that costs $35, still a far cry from your claimed $125.
This really able to introduce another way of having an alternative way to save money from using electric stoves and make use of this on important places such as camping sites. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. But no where did you say it is a magic clock, so I guess I will have to make it and see for myself.
I am so sorry about your backsplash and your lack of potential light in the future power outage but you made me feel so much better because….
My daughter and her husband just finished building their rustic country home and this would be the perfect accent for their family room.
Did he do something to the pallet wood where the hands are suppose to be to make it thinner? The lenght of the rack is adjustable and determined by the lenght of the horizontal supports. It has the same type of efficient combustion chamber as on the humanitarian stoves though with a handle, metal case walls, and a painted exterior finish. The StoveTec stoves are all tested and go through quality control to be sure that they provide the best health and environmental return that we know how to produce.

Part of the movement to spread replace open fires with rocket stoves involves empowering people to take care of themselves without needing the charity of the first world.
Making your own platform wood bed frames are not only economical, but also allows you to add a personal touch whether you want a modern look or use an antique door to add vintage flair.
You remind me of one of those fantastic figure skaters who perform a difficult jumps and they twirl and twirl and almost fall but then land gracefully. The size makes it stand out, but the materials keep it from overpowering the focus of the room! It comes with a pot skirt to focus flame heat and a stick support shelf where the wood sits.
But in my test, the GreenFire proved to be easy to use and efficient, requiring just a few small pieces of wood to boil water or cook a meal in a pot.
But the harsh reality is that half the world can’t afford the US $125 to buy the unit! The only thing I would have done differently, would be to not taper the bottom struts and I could add straight sections in between them , but I am careful not to make the load top heavy.
Attach them from the underside with straight metal straps, if joining two pieces of particle board together for a full size or larger bed. Measure the distance between each section and cut the remaining short boards into six pieces to attach at staggered intervals as shown in the drawing.
Flip the bed over and attach the 1-by-4s around the edge of the particle board platform with wood screws, leaving a one-inch lip above the particle board.

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