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Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick are playing World of Warcraft but are briefly interrupted by Randy Marsh telling Stan to socialize, but is told he is busy playing the game.
The next day, the boys decide to phone the World of Warcraft support line at Blizzard Entertainment. In their main office, the administrators and Game Masters discuss the problem at hand, that if people's characters keep getting killed like this then they'll get frustrated and quit playing the game. At work Randy is playing World of Warcraft, and brags to his work colleague Nelson about how he is a brave adventurer in the game. In his basement, Cartman summons all his male classmates, specifically, Butters Stotch, Tweek Tweak, Jimmy Valmer, Timmy Burch, Token Black, Clyde Donovan, Craig Tucker, Jason, and Kevin Stoley, and explains how they shall all team up and kill the rogue player.
On the game, the boys prepare to attack the rogue player, but ultimately fail (no thanks to Clyde who has stopped playing to read his Playboy magazine and Butters, since he made his character look like Cartman). In the basketball court, Cartman interrupts Stan, Kyle and Kenny's game explaining how they should play World of Warcraft, and do something that matters. Three weeks later, the staff at Blizzard Entertainment explain that four players (the boys) have increased their levels incredibly quickly and that they could be the people who save World of Warcraft.
At Stan's house, Randy opens the door to two members of the staff from Blizzard Entertainment, who state that they need to give Stan the sword, or his character will die. The defeated nerd looks at his computer screen in disbelief as his character has been killed. This episode won a 2007 Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour)". Before you begin to draw comic book characters, you have to get hand on drawing separate forms – egg-shape of the head, the chest semi-oval, long oval cross to the pelvis area and the small ovals to form the side of the pelvis, the circles for the joints and knees. In order to make a standard template for all the characters, just find the object having the appropriate range of the base. When the sketch is ready, you need to delete all the auxiliary line and colour of the resulting image. Then gently apply the contour black.
Valeria Lukyanova, better known as Human Barbie, might seem like a figment of Photoshop imagination, but, when GQ's Michael Idov traveled to Ukraine to interview her, he found out Lukyanova is all too real. Lukyanova first made headlines in 2012 for her living doll appearance, with large breasts, waist-length blond hair and wide eyes.

Idov met Lukyanova in Odessa, where she consumed nothing but carrot juice with chutney (she's expressed a desire to be a breatharian, meaning she would not eat or drink and would attempt to subsist on air and light).
Last year, VICE made Lukyanova the focus of a documentary titled "Space Barbie" (she once thought she was from the planet Venus). Returning to the game, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are soon killed by a player who is a much higher level than them, despite the boys having not agreed to a duel. A member of staff at the other end explains that the boys would have had to agree to a duel before fighting, but Stan informs her that the player just kills them regardless. They state that the player who is not playing by the rules has been playing World of Warcraft almost every hour of every day non-stop for the past year and a half, and has become so powerful that he's able to kill Game Masters and Admins (who can otherwise ban on sight). Everyone agrees (along with a reluctant Clyde who Cartman compares to the French in World War II). Cartman says they can try and get up to a really high level by killing boars in the woods (where player vs. One of the staff states that these players could be the ones that legend said would be able to wield the 'Sword of a Thousand Truths'.
Unfortunately, Stan is not in his bedroom, and Sharon Marsh informs Randy that Stan has took his computer to Cartman's house. The boys celebrate their victory (as do Randy and the Blizzard staff along with the other World of Warcraft players). The characters are somehow similar in same proportions as they differ only in colour and clothes, so they are very easy to draw. Children from the cartoon "South Park" have a head of a diameter larger than the width of the body. That is, if the diameter of the body equals 4 cm, suitable head should have a diameter of 6 cm. Use pencil and calculate the diameter after drawing a square the width of which is two-thirds the diameter of the circle. For example Stan Marsh wears a hat on his head. Take a plate or a disc to draw a circle that is something round with a large diameter.
She calls herself Amatue in her YouTube videos, which focus on transcendental thought and self-help.
She explained in the film that she uses her physical appearance to promote her spiritual ideals.

The staff member says the problem will be fixed, but informs a co-worker that more people are complaining over their characters getting killed, and that they should tell the men upstairs. They state that he "has absolutely no life", and question how they can kill that which has no life. Butters states he does not play World of Warcraft, but has been on his computer so long because he has in fact been playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Liane Cartman is supplying the boys with everything they need (including a bowl for Cartman to defecate in). The Blizzard staff explain that it's too late now, and they don't have accounts which they can use to give Stan the sword.
Randy signs in and manages to give Stan the sword (after being shown how to pass things from one player to another).
Headgear of the other characters can be created using round and square objects and all other elements of the character’s clothing can be drawn by hand. Cartman tells him to buy World of Warcraft and join the online war sensation or else he threatens that everyone will murder him (beat him up). As time progresses they begin to gain weight until they are all the size of Cartman, yet Cartman is still fatter because he has doubled in weight. The group then goes to get the sword's USB stick and decide that these players could use the sword to stop the rogue player. Kyle gets a severe case of carpal tunnel, and Cartman has to give him cream to rub on his hand.
Randy is then hit, but Stan lifts the sword, telling the player that he killed his father, and blasts the sword into him. The Blizzard staff say they can't give the sword to a noob, but Randy convinces them that they don't have a choice.
The rogue's defenses are lowered dramatically, and the boys shoot him with an arrow, firebolts and finally, Cartman (after uttering the immortal line "Looks like you're about to get pwned!") Kills him by crushing his head with his hammer.

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