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Like corn hole, this game can be built using easily found materials from your scrap lumber pile and in less than an hour you’ve got a sturdy box hockey rink that will provide endless hours of competitive fun.
The holes for the goals should be centered on each board and the two holes for the pass-through should be 6 inches from each end of the center board.
Place your center 2×4 with the two open notches down in the middle of the box and drive two screws on each end and up through the bottom. Use a piece of scrap wood cut to 2”x1” as a puck and grab two broomstick handles and you are ready to play. If you’d like to personalize your board with the colors of your favorite hockey team, you can paint it any way you’d like but take note that a box hockey board suffers a lot of abuse so any paint job will eventually get scratched up which we think gives your board more character. How to make mini hockey sticks These cute mini hockey sticks are a fun and easy craft to make at your hockey party. Your hockey theme birthday party will be complete with these cute mini hockey sticks, a perfect match to our printable hockey invitation.
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After installing the two pieces of wood or metal curtain hardware, you need to determine the distance between them. If you are using curtain hardware made of wood then you can simply drill a hole in front of it.
In case you are using a metal curtain hardware bracket then you are encouraged to find one that has a hole in front. If you are using a metal bracket which has no hole then you can attach your hockey stick with help from epoxy.
Place the “puck” on top of the center board each player touches the bottom of the box and then each other’s stick three times, counting 1-2-3 then go!
The center notch that goes on the top of the middle board and is used to place the puck for face-offs should be 3” wide and 1” deep. However, if you want to set a sports theme for your room then you can use different sports material to make curtain rod. By this you can simply insert the screw into the bracket and close it with a nut from the backside.

The one drawback is that I can be addicting for your kids but better to have them hooked on an outdoor game then playing video games inside. You’ll also need a couple wood broomsticks to serve as box hockey sticks and a scrap piece of wood will works well as a puck.
You can also attach balls to a wooden dowel in order to give a sporty look to your curtain rod. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. After the third tap, both players go after the puck and play begins.Using their hockey stick, players attempt to move the puck through the holes to their left and out the hole at the end of the box (the goal).

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