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Four Square Gardens You Can BuildFour Square Gardens You Can BuildBring comfort and accessibility to your backyard with this compact garden of foursquare raised beds. Composite or synthetic decks are a top choice here in Charlotte and throughout the country.
At Archadeck of Charlotte, we know that it's the small features that make the biggest difference. One thing you might not think of when constructing your new deck is that your grill takes up a significant amount of space. Charlotte deck building done rightDeck building at Archadeck often includes other outdoor living areas or features. Let me start off by saying I have very little experience working with wood, besides building fires. I decided I needed a new coffee table so I set out to build something that maximized storage, that could be used to as a work surface for my laptop, and looked halfway decent.
UPDATE 2015Some of the Ikea furniture pieces have changed names and dimensions and I don't know if you can still make this. Hello fellow makers,Today id like to share one of my favorite hobbies with everyone, glass etching. A campaign desk is a nomadic writing table, popularized by officers of the British Empire in the colonial-minded 1800s.
Inspired by Rob MacPherson's medieval-style collapsible bed (see here), I decided to take a simplified approach towards a twin-sized version for a Christmas gift. This is an easy answer to an annoying problem: back cushions that get all slouchy and are scrunched down after someone gets up.
You have to treat a little antique footstool just like an old person, gentleness and kindness. Suppose you're a some crazy perfectionist and you're hanging a headboard (or any other similar stuff), first thing you'll notice is that all hardware available at stores when mounted is adding a gap between the headboard and the wall (due to the mere fact that hardware has thickness of it's own). Build an attractive trestle table for about $100.00, in an hour and a half, using common materials, and minimum number of tools. Pillow-top beds are great and all, but over time one's butt has a tendency to mash down the top layer of foam padding. I’ve built a lot of these bunk beds in the past and recently built one for my own home.
After a summer of taking my little portec hammock on canoeing and camping trips, I decided that I wanted to be able to enjoy the hammock in the winter too!
My wife found a pallet bed on Pinterest and thought it would be a cheap & easy project (for me) to put together for our daughter's new bedroom.
A kneeling chair is what you need if you have to pass a lot of time in your office.Unfortunately this type of chairs is quite expensive and not very common.

Ever wished you owned a 'granite countertop' but just couldnt justify the amount of money it would cost to get it? An old stumpy log can be used as a fantastic, multi-use home furnishing.Here's how I fixed up an old log I had, along with several ideas of how it could be used around the home.
My goal for this project was to create a simple, modern, wooden bench with a concrete top and storage underneath. A 8U, 19 inch rack cost about US$2000, it is a big over expensive for how, but with a minimum budget and effort, about a US$70 and a rainy Sunday, something quite similar could be achieved. According to wikipedia, "A kotatsu, used almost exclusively in Japan, is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. One of my biggest motivating factors in growing my understanding and skill in woodworking is simple: to replace all of the Ikea cardboard furniture that fills my house, one piece at a time.
And since it’s also an easy to build piece of furniture, it would be simple to make one yourself. You'll dress up your yard, make gardening easier and give young vegetables, herbs and flowers a great place to thrive. This outdoor living area includes a screened porch with a partially open gable roof and a lovely composite deck with flared stairs leading out to the yard. Wood is a traditional material for decks but comes with many problems which include warping, cupping, splitting, fading, staining and a number of other issues.
The screened porch below includes arches over the screens as well as angled corners to give it a screened gazebo type feel. This deck not only includes build in benches, but it also includes a custom flagstone fire pit. In addition, you'll need open space around the grill for the cook to stand and for any splattering. Instead of laminating veneers or using a product like bendy ply, I tried laminating thin furniture grade plywood to make thicker plywood. I has 5 cubbies down and across and since we live with limited storage space, this has been a useful addition to our apartment. This is a super easy build as the materials are all common construction grade pine and every cut is a 90 degree cut so there are no complicated angles. Unfortunately I couldn't find an Instructables or other DIY guide that allowed me to easily and cheaply make a height adjustable table. It would be a lovely DIY project and it’s also a simple project that doesn’t require specialized skills or difficult to find materials. Share: (What's this?) ProjectsThis raised bed garden boasts universal design elements including a roomy, stone paver path and four raised beds (4 x 4-feet each) for easy-to-reach, back friendly gardening. If you desire some sun protection from your pergola, we can design the pergola to afford more sun protection.

An outdoor fireplace not only adds ambiance and beauty to your yard, but it delights the senses at night with the sound and sights of a crackling fire.
Nov 2013, I had a customer named Marilyn walk in and request some help with making a book case. It can can be set up or taken apart in a minute or two, using no tools, and stores compactly. The one problem that I had with this project is that I live in eastern Idaho and it's late December. The goal in making the coolest dump truck bed was so my son would give up his crib to his 6 month old sister without a fight.
Inspired by a number of shoe racks she found on various photo blog sites, this is what I came up with. So here’s how you can make a cart-style coffee table.View in galleryTo make a table similar to that from the pictures you would first have to find some old pieces of wood. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. Composite decks are low maintenance and have superior performance to pressure-treated wood. A shade screen helps tender young plants acclimate to the outdoors, and a wood and rope trellis gives scrambling vines some vertical support. The whole project will cost approximately $100.View in galleryView in galleryStart by cutting the lumber to the desired dimensions and glue them together using wood glue.
Place a leg on each corner of the box and secure them together with glue.View in galleryView in galleryView in gallery Turn the table over the stain the top and the sides. When you’re done, flip the table upside down and attach the wheels and then the jute rope handles.
Not your coffee table is complete and ready to be a part of your living room decor.{found on addicted2decorating}. This easy-to-make, removable shade screen protects tender flower and vegetable plants while they acclimate to the outdoors. First Class Garden Storage A mailbox (#89311) attached to the side of a raised bed keeps pruners, gloves, twine and trowel within easy reach. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply, and is urged to consult with a licensed professional if in doubt about any procedures.

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