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Homemade rotary welding table fixture designed to facilitate the creation of a continuous bead around cylindrical workpieces.
Homemade welding table featuring a sliding extension area to accommodate oversized workpieces. I do this for each section, allowing me total access to the entire part without removing it from the fixture.
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I shortened the channel iron to 4' and did have to buy some 6" flat stock so I could widen it out another foot. A friend of mine gave me an old home made engine dyno stand so I stole the large metal casters off of it. After all my stops and on and I mount my first set of materials I check where my welds that will be next to the table will be. It is used as a work bench so if we welded on it, it would explode from all the oil and greese on it. I see a lot of people that complain that their kart is not square or it is twisted and this would prevent that.
I mark out and area around these welds that I can get my torch in and drill holes in the plate and use a jig saw to cut out a hole in that area.
Every so often I'd have to clean all the spatter, drips, and tack-welds off it, which could get pretty time consuming.

You can see the cut out in the picture, this allows me to roll the table and weld the bottom without having to take the part off. It still worked okay, it was only AC and I got a chance to buy a AC DC machine at a great price so I jumped on it. I still need to add a couple supports in the front section but I am waiting till a seat gets here before I determine where they will go. The old Forney I had didn't seem to want to burn 6011 or 7018 very well but I could burn 6013 and 7014 okay with it.
Was really nice not having to mess with the welder's work clamp either- once the first piece was tacked to the table, I could just put the clamp on the edge of the table out of my way and work all day without having to bother with it again.

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