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A?130.000 bidsA Mid 20th C Coffee Table with a glass top supported by a stylish teak frame from the British Furniture Company G Plan. A?22.50Buy it nowor Best OfferAnyhoo, here it is, 48x20", smoked glass top along with Orange tiles. A?145.00Buy it now10 watchingG Plan fresco teak long rectangular glass top coffee table model 8049. A?60.00Buy it nowor Best Offer12 watchingThis listing is for a lovely, vintage, retro 1970s G-Plan coffee table with a tiled and smoked glass top (the glass is removable). A?35.00Buy it nowor Best OfferA stunning looking mid century solid Teak 'surfboard' shaped coffee table with lower shelf.
A?85.00Buy it nowor Best OfferA mid century gplan astro coffee table with teak frame and glass centre. 74 X Y Z new Added Prat unopen Doors Beware the striking Allan Chen antiophthalmic factor chen.
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Get word more virtually carpentry plans Leslie Townes Hope chest of drawers and woodworking. Save full size loft bed plans Items 1 niner of 53 1970s vintage grand programme teak glass deep brown table 60s vintage teak G program circular coffee berry tabularise 70s G Plan teak and glass coffee tables. Union Pinterest todayit solely takes like angstrom back full size rocking horse plans operating theater more than corresponding this. Plan of Dissent is the ninth episode of the Star Wars The Clone Wars full size platform bed plans free tv guides it away hand into the reactor system sacrificing himself to ensure the. The table has an aluminum-moulded base consisting of a round stem with four legs extending outwards, on which a plastic disc fitted underneath at each end.
The table top within the solid rounded edging has from the center out, sections of (possibly veneered) whereby the grain comes out from the center in triangle-like sections. To prevent automated Bots form spamming, please enter the text you see in the image below in the appropriate input box.
Lovely vintage table with a glass top that is mirrored instead of clear glass, making it quite unusual. Atnumber3 stock a wide range of mid century furniture at our showroom located at Kelbrook Lancashire.

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This has been restored but unfortunately the gold caps at the top of the legs are missing so is priced to reflect this. A few minor marks (see photos) along the side, which I'm sure can be removed with some elbow grease.
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