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Cutting Edge delivers the highest quality firewood products and services in the Atlanta area. These products and services range from aromatic heart pine fire starters to Premium Delivery Services. To ensure a quality burning experience Cutting Edge maintains a moisture content level of less than 20% for all of its kiln dried firewood. The physical properties of this wood produce much higher temperatures and an extended burn time. This excellent blend of red and white oak from southern forests will become a staple household product.
This Woodhaven firewood rack is perfect for holding your firewood inside next to your hearth or outside near your firewood burning area. Each bundle of Heart Pine will be hand crafted and sealed in order to preserve one of naturea€™s finest fire starters.
Logs are cut to lengths of 16-19 inches to ensure it is easy to handle and fits in all standard fireplaces.

Our delivery service simplifies the lives of our clients by providing a professional, tailored and artisan delivery service. On the delivery day, the wood will be stacked according to the customera€™s preference by our delivery specialist.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. So first thing you want to do is to cut all 3 4x4s in half, then mark them at about 32" for drilling out the bolt hole. Now you've got to brace the Xs together, but first you need to decide on a size of logs you want to cut.
I didn't want my sawbuck breaking when I dropped 8' long 14" diameter maple logs onto it, so I used 4x4s for the main frame, but if you are just using it to cut up smaller stuff, you can probable get away with 2x4s or you can even use logs of whatever size you want, but dimensional lumber is easier to work with in my opinion.
I used leftovers from a deck so everything is treated lumber, and I also used galvanized bolts and the green deck screws, so this puppy is gonna last a while.
These sawbuck assembly instructions create an easy way to build your own folding sawbuck for cutting firewood.

Depending on the size of the limbs or logs, the sawbuck can hold multiple pieces of wood allowing you to cut several limbs at once. Bandit Model 65XP Wood Chipper Review Oct 11, 15 12:24 PMA full review of the Bandit model 65XP wood chipper. Cast Aluminum Chiminea - An Informational Guide Sep 10, 15 08:25 AMInformation about styles, maintenance and what to look for when purchasing a cast aluminum chiminea.
Sawbuck Assembly Instructions - Firewood Cutting Rack Sep 08, 15 03:57 PMThese sawbuck assembly instructions create an easy way for anyone to build a strong and durable folding rack for cutting firewood. This log will give you the same heat and long glowing embers of our other logs while providing a decorative appeal.
The other methods I've used to cut up firewood either involve bending over and cutting and rolling the log on the ground, or having someone who is very trusting (or stupid) hold the log off the back of a truck or saw horse.

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