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Our shop is not very elegant compared to what you guys have in the States but it gets the job done.
What an amazing operation, I was looking and wondering why you had so many piles of short lumber and see you sell blanks. Brian: We kiln dry and S4S our lumber but the turning blanks are air dried and we are now vacumn packaging them to prevent any checking and mold. To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser to a newer, more secure version. Tornillo grows in the Loreton Huanuco provinces of Peru and in the humid terra firma of the Brazilian Amazon region. Tornillo Wood BlanksExotic Wood Blanks: Below you will find stock sizes of Tornillo exotic wood blanks. VIEW ALLTornillo Hand-PickWe're sorry, but currently we are not showing any Tornillo hand-picked.
This business has become a passion to the Hearne Hardwoods family and it can be seen in the vast amount of beautiful wood that we have collected; at any given time our inventory holds 1 million board feet of lumber in over 140 different species.

A heavy hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, with the typical so-called zebra stripes, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. Shop securely knowing that all payment details are collected and transmitted using a SSL secured server.
Trademarks mentioned on this site belong to their respective owners, even if not clearly identified. We value your privacy and do not sell or provide your personal information to other companies. The band saw can be just as dangerous, but atleast you can put in or most come with safe guards such as a blade gaurd covering most of the exposure. What is safe for one woodworker under certain conditions may not be safe for others in different circumstances. Upgrades are free and if you're using a PC at work, you should contact your IT-administrator. The heartwood is a pale golden yellow, distinct from the very pale colour of the sapwood and features narrow streaks of dark brown to black.

The table saw seems to cause some stir with a lot of people but my people are more comfortable on it than the band saw.
Readers should undertake the use of materials and methods discussed at WOODWEB after considerate evaluation, and at their own risk. We sell a lot of state certified sustainable products such as German Spessart Oak and also deal in many salvaged woods, an example being reclaimed American Chestnut. On your gallery you show a photo of someone free handidly rough rounding a blank on a table saw with what looks like more than 5 inches of blade exposure. If they are willing to do it, more power to them, but there are a hundred things that could go wrong with that much exposure.
I guess I'm just more conventional that's all; brought up to wood working with shop safety being number one always.

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