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It’s definitely a step in the right direction, especially considering that this has been our master bedroom for the last two weeks. Then I attached the other 81.5-inch piece to the other side, again using wood glue and wood screws. Here’s how it looked once all four pieces were attached, creating a frame around the bottom edge of the bed frame. Using those same two scrap pieces of 2 by 3 that I used earlier, I slid them between the two center support pieces, marked where they needed to be cut to make them flush with the top edges of the support pieces, and cut off the excess.  Then I attached them using wood glue and 2-inch wood screws that were screwed through the support pieces and into the legs from each direction. Well, the laser guide on my miter saw quite working, so my mitered corners aren’t so pretty anymore.
From before the aisle to after the plunge, the Plunge Project is a wedding and lifestyle blog for real women. From walking down the aisle, to building a home and entertaining, to keeping the spark alive (and one day even having babiesa€¦but wea€™re still getting there), the Plunge Project is written for the stylish, savvy, DIY loving, bargain hunting, detail-oriented, do-it-all woman who never lets a limited budget limit her style.

The Plunge Projecta€™s mission is to provide wedding inspiration, stylish party ideas, unique DIY projects, tasty recipes and real world advice to the real woman. I was so scared to stain this bed frame because I made it out of pine, and quite frankly, I hate the way that pine takes stain.  I almost always use Minwax stain in a dark color on pine, and even when I use wood conditioner, I always end up with heavy, unsightly orange and yellow grain.
To be honest, the only reason I kept using Minwax is because that’s what Home Depot carries, and I always shop at Home Depot.
Now remember how I did the corners since I’m not a real woodworker with the proper tools? There are two things that added to the cost that you could possibly leave out if you decide to build this bed and need to reduce the cost. When my husband is using darker stains for his red oak mirrored coat hangers, he sands then dyes the wood, followed with a light sanding and then stain and the final top coats (of course with the necessary sanding in between).
You are one talented lady…and you post this at a time when I am sincerely craving good-old-fashioned wood furniture.

First, I did a full-fledged coffee snort out the nose when I read you were poly-ing it while the poor hubby was in the bed! Well, after eleven years of marriage, he’s pretty used to my particular brand of crazy.
A million bucks at least, but that includes your gorgeous construction as well as the stain. My husband knows that when we finally have a permanent residence, we WILL be buying me power tools so that I, too, may complete nifty projects! Right now my 14 year old son’s bed is propped up with text books in the center because a center support broke.

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