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Anyway, I was pleased to tell her that my menu will be insanely simple and easy and cheap and nothing like what my beloved Martha will be serving. We'll enjoy a pleasant, unrushed dinner, which is always filled with laughter and good company, and as we're clearing the table and getting the kitchen tidied up I'll put together a breakfast casserole for the slow cooker and I'll make some deviled eggs, because we'll have a standard American boatload of multi-colored hard-cooked eggs sitting around. While the potatoes are cooking, melt about 2 tablespoons of butter in a skillet over medium heat.
As far as I know, the period between Christmas Eve and Good Friday has no formal liturgical name. For me, this particular space is bracketed by Mary, who was granted the privilege to cradle the newborn King at His birth and the Redeemer of the World at His death. The mother in me understands Mary in ways I could never have imagined before my own child was born.
I am certain, as she heard the crowd cry out for her Son's execution that her first instinct was to shred each person there to bits with her bare hands. I am certain, as she watched her precious child walk the path to His crucifixion that she must have yearned with every fiber of her being to make it all better, to wipe His face clean and bandage His bleeding knees and to take the cross off His shoulder and fling it at the soldiers who put it on Him. I am certain, as she heard His words of comfort and forgiveness to those who witnessed His suffering, that her heart must have burst with a horrible mix of pride and sorrow that only the mother of Her own Saviour could comprehend.
I am certain that when Mary stood at the foot of the cross, it must have felt to her like only yesterday when she first held her sweet, new baby. And I am certain, as she held her bruised, battered, lifeless Son in her arms, that she wondered to herself where she had gone wrong, what she could have done differently, how she could have prevented this horrific end for Her beloved child.
It's the time of year when weddings are being planned and more to the point, money is being spent on wedding things and I have several young friends putting together their dream registers to get their new homes started.

My beloved and I will be celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss soon (that's on top of the three years of pre-wedded bliss we enjoyed before that), so I believe I'm in a good position to give some perspective on this.
All my friends, loved ones, and probably a few random strangers know my love affair with pressure cooking.
If I were buying pots and pans from scratch, I'd go for a collection of a small pot, a medium pot, a large pot, a pressure lid, a regular lid, and I'd make sure the largest pot was approved for canning.
Yes, I'm from the South, but I didn't get my own cast iron skillet until about four years ago. I like Lodge brand because they are a Tennessee company, but if you are lucky someone in your family has a cast iron skillet to hand down to you as a token of their affection. Choose something heavy and make sure you can actually see that the blade extends thru the entire length of the handle. Don't fall for the pretty, shiny glass boards with pictures of roosters or artwork by Van Gogh on them. Also, I know you and your beloved are going to be living in an apartment the size of a tent--still, get the biggest cutting boards you can.
Instead of spending the rest of your life cutting coupons so you can afford to indulge your paper towel habit, just put "large package of white shop towels" on your registry.
There are other nice things you can get for your kitchen (digitial gadgets, I'm looking at you), but this list will get you started. This morning and afternoon I gave my first talks of the season at Bates Nursery and Garden Center in Nashville (go see them--they are awesome), and one of things I promised the attendees is that I would post a few pictures of how I keep insects from laying eggs in my SFG boxes. If you happen to be in the Middle TN area on Saturday, 13 April, you can catch a repeat of the talks I gave today.

Place the rhubarb ribbons on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper, being careful that the ribbons are not touching, and bake at 200?F for 45 minutes or until the sugar coating on the rhubarb is dry to the touch. A feature that I've added to the bar just below the blog banner is a link to my weekly menu plan. There is also now a garden work plan for the week, but it is subject to more change than the menu plan due to the fact that Mother Nature is kind of fickle this time of year. Tomorrow I'm hosting a Square Foot Gardening workshop here at our studio and gardens and then I'll officially be off until Monday. As a Vocational Homemaker (and proud Southern belle), I aspire to offer warm and gracious hospitality to one and all.
That's how ballerinas are--if we haven't rehearsed it, we tend to stumble, especially on words. So today, as a non-threatening way of exercising my hospitality skills, I will weed out and delete any voice mails that I don’t absolutely need to save.
Coffee cake is one of those things that every Vocational Homemaker should have in her domestic armory. Football Bamboo Cutting Board Details:The beloved pig skin immortalized in a eco-friendly bamboo cutting board. Makes a wonderful gift for the football fan!!BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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