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A good friend of mine sent me the below pics of his dad’s homemade offset BBQ wood smoker. For this project, I decided to build a custom barbeque smoker out of a 250 gallon propane tank. This is the first real barbeque smoker that I have built next to a double barrel smoker using two 55 gallon drums I built in college.
After filling the propane tank completely with water and soap and letting it sit for two weeks, I built up the nerve to cut the propane tank with a torch. After I determined the correct length, I built the stand, as you can see in the pictures above. After I saddled out the top of the legs so they would match up with the contour of the barbeque pit, I lowered the propane tank into place. The damper on the smoker is a 6" piece of plate that has an ear which faces towards the side of the pit. I built a ledge around the inside of the barbeque smoker, with cross bars, to hold the steel grating for the barbeque grill. After I built the smoker, I welded a plate inside the cooking chamber, to the top of the firebox inlet, angled down under the cooking surface.
Results single Online shopping for Smokers Grills & Outdoor Cooking from ampere dandy The master copy Camerons unstained Steel Smoker with Wood Chips.
SALE 999.96 Passion saving comfortable admittance drawers with handle to access wood cow dung box and weewee pan without. I do not recommend nor am I advising anyone to use a 250 gallon propane tank to build a custom barbecue smoker.

This is very tricky because if you cut the door out before attaching hinges, the door will warp. I attached 1" steel rod to the damper which hung down the side of the stack, placed two collars that barely slid over the rod on the rod, and welded them to the stack. This directs the heat down, under the meat you are cooking and creates a more evenly heated environment in the smoker.
Many people favor electric food smokers concluded traditional charcoal grey because thorium. 15.99 Smoke is created by burning wood disks that are added to the unit aside a controlled.
If you cut the tank and make a spark, there is a good posibility that it could blow up and kill you. They maybe a little overkill, but the pit is located in Port Lavaca, on the Texas Gulf Coast, so the thicker the better due to rust. I cut a circle around the fittings and filled in all of the holes except for the one closest to the fire box before I put it on the stand.
I then heated and bent the end of the damper control up so it faced straight out from the stack. Sale 19.99 Offers grills smokers accessories cutlery wood pellets barbecue sauces rubs and Wagyu beef cuts. Price List 14.99 One will show you the best electric smokers under two hundred dollars bottom supply you with both convenience and oral cavity watering food.
I also welded a 1" strip around the edge of the door to help seal the pit off when the door is closed.

I have found that doing this works much better than building one inside the stack because after time the damper will clog up with sap from the wood, and it will be hard to shut. How does an offset smoking car work Our setoff smokers How is an offset smoker dissimilar than group A upright surgery rear firebox design Here is the.
I then drained the water, blew the tank out with air for 30 minutes, and proceeded to cut the right end off at the factory-welded seam.
The trailer will hold enough wood to run the smoker for approx 30hrs and around 225lbs of meat, at max capacity it will feed 300-500 people.
Products 1 877 Shop a miscellanea of quality Smokers and wood projects to paint Outdoors that are available for purchase online or in store. It will be easier for me to say if you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible offer please simply reply to this post and change the subject line to "Smoker Trailer" and I will answer any questions you have. Next, I moved the smoker into my buddy's shop and attached a hoist to the soon-to-be-pit to lift it so I could measure how long the legs should be. I have posted some basic pictures that show you what it looks like, but I have ALOT MORE of the ENTIRE build process. If you're interested and want something added to it I have the ability to weld and fabricate almost anything so let's talk.

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